CAMILLE TRAIL Releases Debut Single & Video ‘Humming Chain’

Camille Trail has today released her debut single Humming Chain and its accompanying video.  Recorded at Sound Hole Productions with Shane Nicholson, who also produced the track, Humming Chain was written,Trail says, “about black slavery. It’s addressed to those that weren’t affected by it. I felt very honoured to work with Shane too, I’m a long-time fan and he’s the most humble and down-to-earth person.

The track is meant to be confronting so Trail didn’t hold back with her lyrics, using darker imagery like “hells rain” and “rusted bones” to push both the listener and herself out of their comfort zones.  It’s part Americana yet distinctively Australian and Trail used both Billie Holliday and Fleetwood Mac as inspiration for the track, though the almost attacking language is a result of her own passionate views.

Trail grew up in a family with a strong love of music and realised after high school that music could be a viable career path.  She hasn’t looked back since, graduating in 2019 from JMC with a Bachelor of Music, specialising in song-writing, and a debut album to follow this single.

The video for Humming Chain was produced by Scape Visuals and shot on Trail’s cattle property in Central Queensland.  ‘It was really fun shooting the video,’ says Trail‘and I really wanted it to reflect the dark theme of the song. We came up with the concept of me travelling a long distance while dragging a chain, symbolising the identity of a slave.’  The video’s symbolic end is particularly touching.

Trail has played regularly at the Village Festival in Yeppon, and recently played the Festival of Small Halls too.  It’s an exciting beginning for this young artist and if Humming Chain is anything to go by, she’ll be playing to new fans in the near future too.


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