GIG REVIEW: Kira Puru + Supports, The Foundry, Brisbane, 12/07/2019

Words by Ash Wallace.

Photos by Luke Sangiorgio – Full gallery to come!

Friday night, The Foundry filled up fast, drinks in hand and ready to boogie as vocal powerhouse and Aussie rising star, Kira Puru was set to hit the stage.  Kira has brought the urban electric sister duo Kinder and indie pop sweetheart DENNIS to accompany her on the ‘Everything Is Better Without You’ Tour.

DENNIS; total sweetheart with an edge. From the very beginning of her set she played with lush vocals and soft pop melodies to contrast the heavy bass and groovy instrumentals. This girls voice reminded me of iconic singers from past decades, 50’s and 60’s even, her alluring sound rolled effortlessly of the tongue. You could tell her and her drummer and guitarist/bassist/keyboard player were having fun which is an important part if performing. It didn’t take us long to really get into the set and swing about. The set was fused with originals for example her newest single, Trapdoor and cover songs like Crave You by Flight Facilities to which really enhanced her voice and image.

Next up to turn up the party a notch was Kinder, vocalist and DJ duo from Sydney, oozing urban funk and fashion. Inspired by Latin dance and Afro beat these sisters put on a unique electric set combining DJ sets, choreographed dance numbers and original songs. It was fresh and exciting, with captivating bass and urban sound it was everything but boring. Really working the stage and interacting with the crowd, the energy was alive and well, and not for a second did it die down. Honestly, I was enjoying myself so much the set only felt like five minutes, and just like that, to my despair it was all over.  A little wardrobe malfunction didn’t get in the way of these kick ass girls delivering a kick ass set. 

What can I say? Kira Puru is a Queen of disco pop . Melbourne based artist Kira Puru is an Aussie sensation in which all young aspiring artists should look up to. A proud Tainui woman with an upbeat pop sound bound to get you hooked-a total badass. Having previously played the likes of Splendour In The Grass and Spilt Milk, featured in the Triple J hottest 100 in 2018, supported Peking Duk and opened for Vera Blue, I’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of or already fallen in love with her.

Dressed in an all-black outfit, complete with a blazer and slicked back hair, Kira graced the stage. Describing her music as quote “about sex and how fucked up I am”, something I love so much about her, the fact she is so honest and completely herself. Because at the root of it all, what’s the point if you can’t be vulnerable and raw? With electronic, upbeat production and sweet syrupy pop vocals we were all in a trance, grooving together on the dance floor. A blend of old and new songs including Electric, Tension and Molotov got the audience worked up or shall I say ‘turnt’? Anyhow, I couldn’t get enough of those twangy guitar and bass lines and overall groovy and fun melodies. Embodying everything I think it means to be a ‘dangerous woman’- confident, strong, fearless, sultry, fun and not apologising for being who she is. Kira is one to really keep our eyes on, she is going places, and I for one am just counting the days until she makes her way back to play in Brisbane.

All acts were super trendy, awe inspiring and powerful women, bringing different genres together for a marvellous night of music. Make sure to catch Kira on her last date of tour in Canberra, on Tuesday, July 30th at the University of Canberra.

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