GIG REVIEW: Polish Club + Supports, The Triffid, 12/07/2019

Words by Tracey Moyle.

Photos by Elizabeth Sharpe – Ummagummamumma – Live Music Photography. Full gallery HERE.

You could literally feel the buzz humming through The Triffid Friday night, not unusual, but this time things seemed a little more wired .  Polish Club fans have a certain energy about them and it was easy to pick up on their enthusiasm waiting around for the night to start. Almost at the end of their Meet Me At The Iguana Tour off the back of the release of their new album ‘Iguana’, this Brisbane show had drawn almost a full house gathering of their devoted fans. Their anticipation, I imagine, was based on knowing what to expect from this Sydney duo. It’s obvious David Novak and John-Henry Pajak have built a dedicated following over their 5 years together.

First up on tonight’s line up, Melbourne band Approachable Members of Your Local Community show up in their trademark matching Adidas sports attire. They look fun and they certainly are.  Joshua Blashki, Maxwell Korman, Samuel Korman, Michael Fisher hail from St Kilda, and have been around long enough to have a decent following on deck for tonight’s show.

Once on stage, their light-spirited banter radiated across the room with smiles emerging on faces.   Opening with Velcro we were treated to some upbeat funky feels and the beat took over with the urge to dance too much to resist.   These guys like to connect with the crowd and they do it well giving us a ‘party with friends’ feeling that took everyone into a cool groove with Semiotic Vision.

Their songs are as light and friendly as the band come across.  From funky bass in Citrus Fruit to the smooth indie pop sounds with Only Friend, where Dulcie’s Saskia Brittain joined them on additional vocals, they had the fans dancing with their cool groove. They took us through a great set of fun, pop tunes, finishing off with Millennium Queen.  They’d pleased the fans and won over a few more, leaving everyone feeling fresh, happy and ready for Polish Club to hit the stage.

Second support for the night, were indie pop band Dulcie.  These four girls from Perth, released their debut single Fall in January this year and are set to leave their mark in the hearts and souls of Australian music fans. With three of the girls sharing vocals, their soulful harmonies had the gathering crowd mesmerized and gave us some beautiful pop melodies full of heart right from the start.  They moved between upbeat pop tracks like Level Head to Small Fish with its hypnotic mellow beat, both songs with Ashleigh Carr-White controlling the tone with her keyboard as well as providing lead vocals.

The beautiful thing about Dulcie were the harmonies, with Carr-White, guitarist Saskia Brittain and bassist Timikea Denton.  Their sublime vocals took us into Top, a slowly melodious beginning building intensity along the way, with a great bass undertone and Carr-White taking over dominant on keys.  All three shared lead at some stage showcasing the talent pulsing through the heart of this band.  They had the crowd grooving along to their smooth tones in every moment.  Dulcie won over everyone with their new single Own Ground, a beautiful arrangement, their harmonies were perfect for their indie pop style.  Maddison Hanley set a hypnotic rhythm when needed and a great chilled beat to take the girls through a brilliant set of soulful sweet pop-rock music.  The mood in the room was buzzing.  A great introduction to another talented, young band well worth adding to your playlist.

By now the energy was high and after the standard reset, 11pm arrived.  A loud audio introduction with a short burst of Savage Garden’s I Want You inspired an impromptu warming of the vocal chords from the fans -then Polish Club hit the stage to an absolute roar.  This duo from Sydney had an extra treat tonight, adding bass player Wade Keighran to their line-up, giving them a deeper harder live rock feel.   

They started the set with We Don’t Care and took in the energy radiating from the crowd.  The cheers of adoration were abundant and the lads soaked it up in appreciation.   That pent up energy from the crowd was released with Iguana when the inevitable mosh pit formed straight from the let go.   With a rhythmic beat from Pajak they took us into Goddamn! however, it was their hit Beeping that hit the red button and set the mosh into power mode.  Having a bassist on board, merged brilliantly with Novaks’ cool riffs and Pajak’s frantic drumming, to set an energetic pace, with no room up front for those standing still.  If you didn’t want to get crazy best you head to the back. A well earned breather next with the slower grass roots, bluesy Don’t Fuck Me Over.  Keighran’s skilled bass playing stood out on this song. No rest for the vocal chords with a mass sing along filling The Triffid louder than any pub choir could ever achieve.

The popular Break Apart amped up the mood again with the fans definitely in their element, then the boys going straight into Sun with a burst of power, taking the song out with what could have been taken as an impromptu power jam session had we not known better. Pajak’s high-octane burst on the drums had the pit going off harder than any punk or metal concert I’ve seen in a while.  But just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier they started playing Beat Up and like a tidal wave from the back of the room, dozens poured in up front taking some semi reluctant participants with them, doubling the size of the mosh whilst adding a large bout of crowd surfing into the mix. The band were loving the energy, calling out the crazy Brisbane crowd as one of the best.  And I think they truly meant it.   Next, some light banter about the most recent State of Origin results didn’t get a favourable response from the Queenslanders but no hard feelings lingered when they kicked off Gimme Money sending more happy vibes through The Triffid and setting off the frantic pit once again.  It was like an invisible current was running from the band into the crowd and everyone was fully charged.

A cover of MGMT’s Electric Feel turned the gig into a big party with everyone dancing and singing along only then to turn the dial back a few notches giving us a more mellow rock beat with As Low As It Gets. Novak’s vocals brilliantly picking up the melancholic feel of the song.  More high energy on drums and brilliant bass licks with 2 Scared, then a bout of crowd surfing along with some pace in Where U BeenKeighran gave this track life and again a new stream of crowd surfers appeared from all corners of the room.  The energy at this stage was electric.  The good times kept on going with Come Party from 2017’s ‘Alright Already’ album and that song just about summed up the atmosphere of the whole night. Those not in the pit, riding the hands of the crowd, were jumping.   Back a notch with some Clarity giving the smiling crowd something to sing along to once again.  

Ending the set with Divided you almost expected everyone to put their arms around each other and sway along like a bunch of old friends. The adoration from the fans was overwhelming.  The anticipated demand for an encore was, of course, answered with the guys back on stage to pay homage to our Brisbane icons.   Whether you like Savage Garden or not, you’re likely to know the words to Truly Madly Deeply and although they only played maybe, a quarter of the song the place again switched into pub choir mode.   Polish Club ended with night with a classic song from the legendary Brissy boys Powderfinger, taking the roof down with (Baby I’ve Got you) On My Mind.

In such a short time Polish Club have well and truly established themselves as one of the best live rock bands in the country.  Just looking around at contrasting band shirts from many previous gigs, it seems proof that their fans know what to expect and will be back time and time again.  

Polish Club wrap up their Meet Me At The Iguana Tour with their final show tonight, 14 July at Solbar Maroochydore.   Don’t miss out!

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