Interview: Terra On New Single ‘Confidence’ + Upcoming Australian Tour

Interview by Dave Cheney.

Terra are kicking ass and taking names in the Australian rock scene, delivering emotionally charged ballads with powerful live shows chocked full of relatability and charm. Hot off releasing their banger new single, Confidence, the Melbourne pop punk sweethearts got on the phone to chat with Dave Cheney about their string of feature vocalists, working with child actors, loving the Sydney Harbour Bridge and their upcoming Australian tour.

Great to chat with you guys! I can see you guys supported Belle Haven in April this year and the next minute, you release the new single Confidence with Dave De la Hoz from Belle Haven on board to do a guest verse! How’d you get him involved with the track?

Cassie: “We’ve known David for a while actually, he used to give me singing lessons and before that we worked with his brother Chris on our last EP ‘Wasted Days’. We were looking for a feature vocalist and at one of my lessons I showed him the song and he really liked it! Dave is kind of like a brother to me so it worked out really well with the story of the song and video.”

Awesome! How do you make these features work in a live situation?

Darcy: “When Dave isn’t available we’ll usually get Joey from the band to do vocals. We’ve also had other feature vocalists such as Liam from Reside, Mickaela from Yours Truly on stage to sing with us too. If we know the bands we’re playing shows with we’ll always try to reach out and ask if they’d be keen to do a feature or two.”

Sounds like a blast! Confidence is such an emotional and cathartic song, how did the writing process get started?

Cassie: “It was actually written mostly by our old guitarist, Liv. She came to us with all the guitars written and we all ended up adding to it and piecing it together but it was still her baby and it’s sad that she’s not still with us for the release.”

That is a shame, no doubt. I really love the video for the song and the locations you guys used, especially the band room shoots with the giant photo wall behind you. It looks like the result of a Facebook deep dive.

Darcy: “Yeah the Facebook deep dive is pretty bang on! Our video producers Joyce Northey and Dylan Pierce concocted the idea for the clip and the performance shots were filmed at Three PhaseRehearsal Studios in Brunswick. The back wall wooden panelling looked so sick, we just had to use it. After we decided on the location, they sent us off to find about 50 photos each and plaster them onto that wall.”

Manage to use any embarrassing pics?

Cassie: “Yeah, there’s some of me and Dave and also some of the kids from the clip but there’s a ton of embarrassing and funny ones too. Thankfully we were reassured that there would be no close ups.”

Darcy: “Which was a lie because there were absolutely close ups!”

Speaking of the kids, they really nailed their roles in clip! How did you find your little actors?

Joey: “Our video producers trawled a ‘find-an-actor’ website with photos of Cassie and Dave and tried to find kids who looked as close to them as possible. It was crazy to think that these kids are so young and already pursuing a career in acting.”

Cassie: “And they were so good! When we first saw the footage I thought “Oh my gosh how are Dave and I going to be able to keep up with them”?”

They were fantastic! So you guys have played some killer shows so far this year, as we know you’ve supported Belle Haven, Storm The Sky, featured on UsFest earlier this year, now you’re embarking on a national tour with Yours Truly. How do you guys keep the peace between members on the road?

Sean: “I think it helps that we’re such a family unit. When we’re on the road it barely even feels like work, our tours are full of in-jokes and fun. On our last tour, every time we crossed Sydney harbour we’d all sing out “AHHH, TAKE IT IN. THE SYDNEY HARRRBAH BRIDGE.” Every. Time. We passed it. We have such a synergy on the road and we never really want the trips to end.”

That sounds like a lot of fun! Lastly, if you had the opportunity to give advice to your bright eyed younger self when you were first starting out in music, what would you say?

Darcy: “I think relentlessly practising my instrument and socialising with as many musicians as possible without any expectation of what will happen would be my two big things. So often you’ll meet someone and opportunities will just grow from there, just like Dave featuring on ‘Confidence’. Other times, people you meet years ago will come out of the woodwork to help you and you don’t expect it at all which is really nice.”

Joey: “I’d have to agree. When we toured earlier in the year we were crashing at peoples houses; one of them was Teddy from Yours Truly and now we’re about to go on tour with them. Already having that personal connection and memories with the band members makes the run of shows even more exciting. We’re doing what we love with people we love and that’s mad.”

Cassie: “When I was younger, I probably wasted a lot of time not believing in myself when I was younger so I’d tell myself to believe more in what I was doing; it’s what Confidence focuses on a lot. The last lyric “I will do this on my own” is all about finding confidence in yourself and not relying on other people for it, that’s what I think younger me should hear.”

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