ALBUM REVIEW: Radolescent – ‘Prehab’

Words by Tracey Moyle.

Punk fans – get excited!   Last month Gold Coast surf/punk rockers Radolescent dropped an absolute banger of a debut album.   

With the release of ‘Prehab’ the band have captured the fundamentals of old school punk rock with a power packed punch.   From the first listen, with flashes of my much younger self first discovering The Buzzcocks, I knew this was going to be a new addition to my playlist.

Recorded at Blind Boy Studios in Nerang, with production duo Mark Duckworth and Brad Hoskings, Radolescent have produced an honest, fresh punk rock album full of raw, high energy anthems which no doubt will find itself onto the playlist of punk fans around the country.

Opening with Retina, you get 1:22 of all you need to wake up and pay attention.   Frantic drumming, furious guitar and heavy bass, with urgent vocals, screaming about the ugly face of glamour on the gold coast.  The perfect short-hard-fast punk song. Leaves you needing more. 

Next track, The Other Side opening with the passionate chant “Save Our Spit”, a cry for the masses to battle the constant push to develop a much loved ocean front area of the Goldy.  This is an anthem, standing up as the voice of the people to save a special part of the Gold Coast from development. Not just a personal but also a public protest.   Simply a great rock song with brilliant guitar licks and an addictive beat.

406 is next – my favourite.  This one immediately sent my crazy old music brain back to early days of The Cure, with hints of their 1981 hit Primary swimming around in my head.  Everything comes together perfectly on this track, with the boys producing a melodic sound leaning toward indie rock with lead singer Isaac Atkinson’s voice still keeping that simplistic punk sound.

Lets add some humour to the line up with the Locked Up Intro – a short news interview with teenage party throwing anti-hero Corey Worthington back in 2008.   Made me laugh. 

Then perfectly morphing into the boisterously high-energy party hard anthem Locked up.  An ode to the surfing days and partying nights that a bunch of bored teenagers with very little cash have fond memories of.   “I just wanna have fun, now we’re all locked up.”

Next – Tuck Me In, a slower indie rock, almost sweet sounding, track taking you through a hypnotic mellow moment after the previous frenzy.  Although lighter in sound it’s heavy in its lyrics with the story of  sleeplessness and night terrors.   A different pace showing their versatility, another brilliant track on this debut.

Speed Based has a brilliant heavy rock sound with lead guitar driving the song reminiscent of that 90’s Australian Indie Rock/Punk sound we loved from the likes of Spiderbait and Grinspoon to name a few.

Drug fiend draws out more of that classic punk rock roots with a dash of the above referred 90’s influences.    They have nailed that typical punk rhythm with a beat that you could bounce around to all night.  

Water Demon brings about much of the same as the aforementioned song and keeps your energy flowing.

The frenzied finale for ‘Prehab’ is the brilliantly rowdy The Ballad of Lynn Howl.  Finishing off with a final outburst of perfectly punked up frantic feels.  

Australia has always been at the forefront of the punk rock scene with The Saints and Radio Birdman paving the way for so many others, way too many to mention now.  They all started somewhere.  Radolescent have produced a brilliant debut album taking their influences and putting their own life experiences into the mix.  They’ve drawn on generations of punk rock evolution and have managed to keep it true to its form while still giving us something fresh and new to delve into.  

This is an album for punk music lovers of all ages.  I definitely look forward to seeing where these guys go next.

You can purchase ‘Prehab’ HERE.

Radolescent ‘Prehab’ Tour is coming to an end with the final three dates in Melbourne, Adelaide and then finishing with a bang at Dead Of Winter Festival in Brisbane!

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