HALLIE Releases New Single ‘Nice Like Rice’

Brisbane folk-pop act Hallie is ecstatic to reveal her new single Nice Like Rice out today – a melodic, tongue-in-cheek number about the inevitable demise of a friendship gone stale.  The track comes ahead of Hallie’s debut EP ‘Wink Wink Nudge Nudge’, due for release on September 27. 


Not one to shy away from emotion, Hallie wears her heart on her sleeve in Nice Like Rice, combining thoughtful yet playful lyrics, and emotive, soulful vocals with a deeply personal experience. “Nice Like Rice is about losing a friend,” explains Hallie. “It’s about realising a friendship has been one sided, and finally allowing yourself to let go and move on from someone who you once considered to be close to you. When I wrote it, I was angry and finally felt I had the strength to say exactly how I had been feeling about the situation.” 

The single signals a slight change in direction for the songwriter, drawing more from alternative rock inspirations such as Middle Kids and Alex Lahey than previous releases. 

The track was mixed and mastered by Brock Weston and produced by Jack McKenzie.

With thanks to Habit Music Company

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