GIG REVIEW: Doolie + Charlie Threads + Support, Sol Bar, Sunshine Coast, 29/06/2019

Words by Eden Campbell.

Photos by Hannan Paul of Shot By Hannan. Full gallery HERE.

After a weary two hour commute to Maroochydoore, I was beaming to sink my teeth in to the acts that Solbar was hosting for the evening. Marking their lucrative collaboration, Doolie and Charlie Threads put on a killer show with the aid of the up-and-coming Beckon Fire.

Warming us up, we had Sunshine Coasters Beckon Fire take to the stage first.  To be honest, this is not what I had pinned as a typical precursor for acts like Charlie Threads, or Doolie: These guys describe themselves as a synth pop trio, but right away, I was hit with what I interpreted to be an anthemic homage to pop punk. Think the vocal stylings of Twenty One Pilots and Panic! At The Disco, meets the sugary candour of CHRVCHES and The 1975. The band was extremely well put together, never missing a beat or falling flat on a note. Guitarist, Joey Kierman pulled out all stops and was also playing around on a drum machine and a laptop for added synths and backing tracks. His efforts translated beautifully to the crowd, creating a palatable sense of dynamic progression. The band played on with their original tracks such as Get Me Out Alive and Tired Eyes, as well as treating us to two covers – one from Khalid, the other by Bring Me The Horizon. Beckon Fire made both of these songs effortlessly their own, but their version of Khalid’s 1-800-273-8255 had the whole crowd grooving. The boys were playing to a small, albeit loyal and enthusiastic audience, who were not shy to demand an encore (or two).

The second act was Charlie Threads, a Melbourne based rapper and producer. This young lad has been fine-tuning his craft since 2015, and scoring a big reputation because of it. Recently, Charlie has been recording alongside the likes of Alice Ivy, as well as touring with her at Splendour In The Grass and Groovin The Moo. Not to mention, of course, the infectious collaboration with tonight’s headliner, Doolie on their track 2:20.

Charlie took to the stage with a kind of confidence beyond his years. His stage presence teetered the fine line between charismatic and cocky, only adding to his allure. With a distinctive set of dance moves and flow, Threads was able to transport the audience from the soaring melodies of Beckon Fire, to a more sexy, and gritty place. High-energy vocals, mixed with lo-fi hip-hop instrumentals, similar to old-school Tyler, The Creator, made for a polished performance. The highlight of his set was undoubtedly the track Questions – leaving the more buttery vocal stylings of the recording behind, and focusing on a heavier and more chaotic approach.
Its obvious that Charlie Threads has his finger on the pulse, and knows what it takes to personify that effortlessly-cool-rapper-chic.

Tonight’s main event was the Sunshine Coast’s synth pop sweetheart, Doolie. 20-year-old Doolie Shadforth is without a doubt, one of the next big things hitting the Australian pop music scene. You can mark my words.

Already boasting a plethora of accolades under her belt since her 2017 debut, the singer/songwriter has just been signed to ETCETC, one of Australia’s most respected electronica labels. Tonight’s show is in celebration of hers and Charlie Threads new track 2:20.  The track is soulful and sensual, articulating the elation of realising the person you are interested in, is interested in you back.

When Doolie stepped out on stage, clad in bejewelled pants and a body harness, it was obvious that this girl had it ALL going on. Looking every inch an ‘It girl’, as soon as she opened her mouth, Doolie put the audience in a trance. Her mixed register was remarkably powerful. Dare I say, even stronger and smoother than her recordings. Her tone is reminiscent to Arianna Grande and encapsulates the same delicate balance between shimmering pop and sultry R&B. A couple of songs in to her set, Doolie busted out her track Exhale. While the vocals stayed on their classic poppy high, the instrumentals dipped and droned like a more soulful Glass Animals or Crooked Colours.

When Doolie broke out her 2017 debut single, KOLD the crowd went mental. Her vocal performance was emotional and hard hitting, as she showed off her natural vibrato under just the right amount of delay effects on the microphone. The most poignant part of the performance was marked by 2:20, in which, Charlie Threads joined her on stage to punch out his verse. The two had chemistry to boot, and worked the room together like nothing else.

The rest of the set was marked by a refreshingly wet sounding synth under knotty drumbeats, which never failed to build up in to a crescendo of hard hitting drum & bass. Broken up by carefully injected moments of intense and shimmering pop, as a whole, Doolie’s performance positively chimed with the highest quality synth-pop.

The tour continues in Melbourne on July 6 at Boney. Event page HERE.

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