Interview: Darcy Dexter Of Seaside On The Release Of Their New Single ‘Sycamore’

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Interview by Ash Wallace.

Picture this: you’re 17, the parties over and the substances are wearing off-but not completely, your sitting on a hill looking into the dark horizon, your mind is sprawling out into all corners of your brain but everything’s ok as you take a deep breath in, you drive home in the early hours of the morning with your music blasting out the window and your emotions are a little jumbled but luckily, you’ve downloaded all of Seasides discography and turn the volume on the highest level. Whether your feeling wishful, anxious, resentful, sad, confused or content, they’ve got something for you. Their music can paint different stories in your mind and create the soundtrack to your life-well, at least that’s my take.

Dreamy indie pop four piece, Seaside have just dropped their highly anticipated single, Sycamore which premiered on Triple J’s Home & Housed. With Darcy on vocals, Chris on Drums, Tom on bass, and Froggy on guitar, the four have just finished up an Aussie tour with fellow legends Good Doogs and have their Sycamore Launch show on Friday the 21st of June at the Northern in Byron Bay.

Following the success of being the 2018 Triple J unearthed local winners and playing Splendour in the grass, Seaside have managed to stay- and rightfully so, on the Aussie festival circuit. Encapsulating the audience again and again with their soft pop melodies, raw lyrical content and captivating stage presence. Darcy’s vocals and the instrument arrangements in each song are so mesmerizing and really shows the bands strength and versatility, that we can’t help but want more.

I honestly cannot stop listening to your latest single, Sycamore, which came out not too long ago, can you shed a little light onto what it’s about?

So, it’s a little bit about self-reflection, self-love, but also kinda stemmed from the idea of social anxiety, which is something that I was starting to slowly suffer from and it was the first time ever that I’ve experienced that feeling of being completely overwhelmed in situations. I wanted to write a song that recreated the journey like if you give yourself a little bit of self-love you can make it through those things, like for me it starts within.”

I feel like a lot of young people can really relate to that as well…

“Yeah, surprisingly a large amount to be honest. Growing up it was never something really experienced, like you get anxious in situations and you get self-conscious, but it was never to that extent. I was having to home from things because I just couldn’t actually be there.”

And just coming off the tour with legends Good Doogs, I can only imagine how fun that would have been?!

“So much fun. They are some of the best people I’ve ever met. Going into that we had no idea that at the other end that we would be the kind of friends we are, I was literally just talking to Grudge and Andy a couple of minutes ago. They are the best people honestly and are so well deserved with what they’ve achieved, I think they’re gonna go big.”

So, going back to the start, where did it all begin for you guys?  Is this something you always knew you wanted to do or did you more so fall into it by accident?

Music was always something that was in my family and growing up I played kinda every instrument but I’ve always sung. I used to do acoustic myself, and I’ve been best friends with Tom and he and I used to muck around and do little Simpson’s covers. Then I started dating Chris, who’s our drummer, around six years ago and he was obviously a drummer and he’s come of the back end of being in a metal band so he never really thought about being in an indie band. We kinda just all came up with the idea of joining and doing what we’d been doing at home on our own.”

With travelling and touring, does it make the song writing process easier or more difficult?

“It could be a combination of the two really. I think it depends on the time frame that your away or how many days in a row you go away and for us, we come back and work in between those days. It’s easy when you’re here for a little bit and you know you have a tour coming up because your excited to be writing and your grounded for a little bit, but yeah while I’m away I write lyrics that come to my head if I meet people or am in a certain situation but otherwise it’s kinda hard not being home by your computer or with your comfortable little room and guitar to jam our or whatever you really want.”

Do you have any hobbies besides music that you tap into to boost your creative juices when you’re feeling uninspired or unmotivated?

I do actually, this is really strange, but I like to read dictionaries. I just learn a lot of new words that have been forgotten over the years and like all the emotions. I also really like 70’s films, strange things like that. Even just going for walks and trying to see if anything comes to you. I take some of the boy’s demos with me if they have no words on them.  I mean that’s kinda it, for me music is such a massive part of my life that if I’m not doing that, I’m just writing something that will eventually contribute to that.”

Being from Byron Bay, did that environment directly influence your music and band?

I think at the start it probably did. A lot of people used to describe us as coastal, I think at the time, our old guitarist used to write quite almost bluesy things as well. It’s definitely inspirational to be from such a beautiful area but the more we go along hearing other bands from around the area and kind of bouncing off each other is pretty nice as well. But I think our sound is starting to change and becoming more of something that we like personally outside of the band, influenced by new wave and at the moment it’s kinda 80’s, 80’s and 90’s.”

The whole Byron Bay-laid back-indie-surfy music vibe is I think super attractive to young people especially now, what’s the experience been like as your band has been growing and changing?

It’s been fun the whole way, definitely at times its challenging I guess just because you have a minor slack and it kinda throws you out for a little bit and you’re like okay well I’ve gotta refocus and work on what I really wanna do. I think watching a lot of the other bands in the area grow and being friends with them and kinda all being involved in some way with the music community, that super driving for everybody I’d say.”

Do you have any local bands you’re loving at the moment?

“I love Sophie Ozard, she’s a solo artist from town who’s pretty much an angel-In real life and when she sings. She sounds like a little bit Amy Winehouse but a little bit of her own style so I definitely think she’s one to watch. I love Mini Skirt, their lyrics are super Australian and kinda define things we all think in passing we can’t really pin point and write down ourselves, so I think they’re definitely on the up and up too. There’s so many, Pilots for sure as well, I think they should be playing stadiums I mean they’ve got the sound for it.”

To throw in a fun little question, I noticed you’ve got quite a bit of ink, if you had to get a tattoo to encapsulate your band and what It means to you, what would it be?

“Oh my gosh, to be honest we all have a tattoo, I think maybe Toms the only that doesn’t at the moment, but he doesn’t have any do that’s fair enough. It was the original font that we did when we started the band and at Splendour we had a friend that had a tattoo gun and all just got one our foot. But I think now growing, ah that’s a hard one, a silhouette of us all maybe, I don’t know a portrait of Chris or something.”

And with the Sycamore launch show tomorrow in Byron, what else does Seaside have planned for the rest of the year, what can us fans expect?

“So, our plan after tomorrow night is to knuckle down and keep writing this album. We want to release an album in early 2020, so I think at the moment our major priority is hopefully landing another awesome national support tour which we would love to do over the next coming months. We actually go back into the studio in July to record the next single, and from there it’s gonna be pretty writing based I’d say but we’ll be touring and playing shows still, just not as often as we were last year.”

Catch Seaside for their Sycamore launch show in Byron Bay, event details here.


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