MoonDoll Is Coming – Get To Know The MoonDoll Metal Fest Bands For 2019

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MoonDoll Metal Fest is a new festival in town. Brisbane is known for its top shelf live music, there is always something happening every weekend. In fact, there are so many gigs some weekends you wish you could tear yourself into about 20 pieces so you can get to them all! With both local acts and acts from interstate and overseas, we are spoilt for live music here and that warms my music loving heart!

MoonDoll is a music festival designed to put the bands first. Being passionate about supporting local musicians, MoonDoll is all about providing a mini festival style platform to have bands play at. This is most definitely already happening and in a big way but the more platforms out there, that are there for the right reasons, the better right!? More live music I say, there can never be enough!

MoonDoll is the dreamchild of The Colourful Writer. This is the festivals first year and it’s already proving to have a large amount of interest and excitement from local music fans. This year MoonDoll brings 15 bands from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne to The Back Room at Chardons Corner Hotel for just $15 pre purchase via OzTix or $20 at the door.

Some of the bands will be recognised immediately by most whilst some are fairly new and still getting a name for themselves. So, let’s delve into the depths of MoonDoll and get to know the bands who’ve jumped on board this year’s stellar line up!

First up is Kaviti; Anti-Coal Violence from Brisbane – a blend of power violence and hardcore punk, with influences from bands like Capitalist Casualties, Minor Threat, Oi polloi and more. The guys in this line up are fairly new to the scene, having formed around April 2018, though most members have been in other local bands and have been making music for much longer than that. Kaviti are Issac Davies on vocals, Tom Condie on guitar, Taffy Ska-Ansikte on bass and Jack Henry on drums.  As a band, they stand against anything that destroys the planet, coal mining being a major issue facing Australia right now so that is one they highlight. They stand against the mistreatment of indigenous Australians, against racism, sexism, homophobia/transphobia and any other type of bigotry. Peaceful protestors against important issues and standing up for what they believe through their music is what Kaviti are all about. Currently the only power violence band in Brisbane, we are proud to have these guys on our line-up.

Gold Coast’s Metalcore lords, Among The Ruined have been doing their thing since 2015. With a few line up changes over that time, they have found their perfect fit with Paddy Creamer on lead guitar + vocals, Bailey Mackelden on guitar + vocals, Caleb Jones on bass + vocals and Saul Creamer on drums. These guys play a killer live show and have talent well beyond their years.

Gold Coast political Alternative Prog Rockers, The Molotov are uniquely brilliant and will bring something else to this year’s line up for MoonDoll. The Molotov are Jayde on lead vocals, Scart on vocals and guitar, Dan on keys and guitar, Claire on vocals and bass, and Paul on drums.  As described on their Facebook page, creating songs to inspire and provoke, The Molotov are a family of musical freaks, a band of 2 women and 3 guys with a heavy hybrid rock sound and a hard-edged socio/politico vibe. Their sound is a mixture of genres all blended and delivered with a delicate yet aggressive force. It’s metal, it’s punk, it’s prog, it’s electro, it’s rap and it’s a thing of pure beauty and madness only to be understood by hearing and watching them take to the stage.

Brisbane’s brothers of Trap Hip Hop, Adam and Jordan Bradley AKA, Death Co. have been rapping together for a long time and started Death Co. in 2017. A blended mix of dark trap underground, alt rock, emo, trap metal and boombap, these guys are mixing things up a bit for MoonDoll and we are pumped to let them bring something different to the line-up. Trap and metal together!? Yes please!

Our resident Kings of Grindcore/Deathgrind, Awful Noise are a three-piece barrage of sound with some of the best blast beats in town. Awful Noise are, Lindon Faynes on vocals, Chris Perkins on guitar and Pete Robertson and drums. Lindon is not only the frontman for AxN, he’s also responsible for the Ungrateful Dead Fest gigs and Pete has been around the traps for some time playing his drums in his jocks and delivering blast beats like the drum lord he is.

The somewhat mysterious TRACE are a new two piece heavy rock/grunge band from Brisbane. Made up of good mates, Chris Arthur (DeadYet?, The Miserichorde) and Scott Wade who has been permanent fixture of the Brisbane music scene for some time. The guys have been working hard on this creative musical project and have leaked a few short sneak peaks into tracks on their YouTube channel. Taking influence from Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden and more, TRACE are a new band to get really excited about. These guys seriously ROCK!

Local Groove Metal Masters with a glimmer of Thrash, Mergatroyd are known for their awesome live shows and also, their home made jerky. It’s true! They play a killer live show AND they make really good jerky. With a combination of skills like that, you know you are in for a good time when you see Mergatroyd this Saturday! Mergatroyd are Darryl Young on guitar and vocals, Aaron Wynn on guitar, Michael Maduna on bass and Rhys Edwards on drums.

Bringing us their Melodic Groove Metal since 2012, Brisbane’s Kold Creature are a perfect addition to this line up. With Chris Ross on lead guitar + vocals, Lyndon Bauer on rhythm guitar, Patrick Stevens on bass and Alan Mahood on drums. Kold Creature play with the experience and kick assery of a band that knows exactly how to deliver a solid live performance, every time.

Local Thrash Metal legends, Odius have got a smoking hot new line up and they are set to blow your thrash loving mind at MoonDoll! The guys have jumped on board last minute after a band had to drop out and they are keen to show you what the new line up has got! Odius are, Lucas Blackburn on guitar + vocals, Sam Faggioni on lead guitar, Zaac Thompson on bass and Chalky Hill on drums. With a line up this fine, you just know they are going to bring it and bring it good!

Melbourne’s Chasing Lana are pure and raw heavy rock with a grunge like twist. The guys are hitting Brisbane for the first time this weekend as part of their current tour for the recent release of their new album ‘The Fight’ which was recorded at Monolith Studios and Colour Sound Studios by the brilliant Chris Themelco. Chasing Lana are Dave Cutting on vocals and guitar, Robbie Cutting on lead guitar, Keith Harland on bass and Chris Coote on drums and they are a definite standout for MoonDoll this year!

Our local Keg Metal Kings, Dirty Brew are ready to tear up the stage for MoonDoll after killing it at Metal United World Wide in Hervey Bay last weekend. The guys are having a busy year with a list of awesome gigs, recording new music and heaps more things to come. Keg Metal is a perfectly blended musical cocktail of heavy rock, metal and a generous twist of some good time party vibes too. Dirty Brew are Brad Jeffery on vocals, Jimmy Robertson on lead guitar, Mick Eedy on rhythm guitar, Chris Leggat on bass and Adam Walmsley on drums. The Brew know how to party and they rock really bloody hard! Get ready to #GetKegged with the Brew!

Hardcore Groove Metal so good it’ll leave you gasping for more, Brisbane’s Massic will blow your mind at MoonDoll. Massic are, Simon Russell-White on vocals, Chris Butler and Shayne Patch on guitars, Rashid AlKamraikhi on bass and Gavin King on drums. This five-piece powerhouse of metal are like nothing else and no one else and have a steady following of dedicated fans to prove it. Their album ‘Redshift’ which was released last year and is always on high rotation, if you haven’t got it, you need to get it. Now.

Melbourne’s Heavy Metal stallions, Triple Kill are about to hit Brisbane for the first time ever and the MoonDoll team are super excited to have them on our line up! Triple Kill are lifelong best friends with Rodney Goolagong on vocals, Anthony Commane and Daniel Mackie on guitars, Efun White on bass and Connor O’Keane on drums. They first formed back in 2015 and their approach to their music and the band as a whole has been well planned and executed from the start, making Triple Kill speed their way to a steady fan base and name for themselves as a band that is not here to mess around. In saying that, the guys are well known for messing around in the best way possible in their incredibly witty and humorous film clips and promotional videos. They’ll make you laugh one minute then have you wrecking your necks to their music the next. Get ready to #TripleYaSelf with Triple Kill!

Gold Coast’s Metal lords, Level H have been on the scene since 2012. In the last few years these guys have really hit the ground running and have been playing some killer gigs, festivals like Dead Of Winter and Shredfest and support slots including Lich King, Psycroptic I Shall Devour, Lagerstein and Hollow World. Forever moving up in the music world, Level H are set for big things! Level H are Jack Duncanson on vocals and guitar, Shayden Georgeff on bass and vocals, Cameron Josephson on lead guitar and Chris Goodman on drums.

MoonDoll Metal Fest is THIS Saturday – June 22 – from midday to past midnight at The Back Room Brisbane at Chardons Corner Hotel, Annerley. Grab your tickets now HERE for only $15 or at the door for $20.

MoonDoll Metal Fest also has you covered for food between beers! The Take A Bao food truck will be on site from 1pm to 9pm to fill your belly with goodness! 


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* Please note: Wildheart will not be appearing at MoonDoll this year – unfortunately the poster cold not be updated with a last minute change. Odius are replacing Wildheart for MoonDoll 2019. 

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