GIG REVIEW: Clowns + Supports, Crowbar, Brisbane, 7/6/2019


Words by Ash Wallace.

A cold winter night it was, but Clowns and co. were here to bring the heat at Crowbar-the metal head mecca of Brisbane.  Signed with Damaged and Fat Wreck Chords, Clowns released their new album ‘Nature/Nurture’ not long ago on April 19th and are making their way around Australia as their first leg of their tour.

First act of the night was Being Jane Lane…more like being BABE lane-this all female group empowering all girls in the punk scene are an ultimate bangin’ punk rock group from Brisbane. Usually going to gigs you often see the first act of the line-up not gaining as much traction from the audience but Being Jane Lane proved that all wrong. They got the crowd up and dancing as if they were one of the headliners. Tunes coming out left and right, upbeat and punchy, definitely a band to keep our eyes on as they are taking on the global world of punk rock. We can’t wait to see what these girls have up their sleeve for the future.

Blind Girls took the stage next, another female fronted hardcore band from the sunny Gold Coast bringing a certain edge to crowbar that night. Their set quenched our flair for all things heavy and dramatic. Pure aggression and emotion was pouring out of Sharni Brouwer’s vocals that kept the crowd in a trance. These youngins are making waves in the local hardcore movement and hopefully soon to be more globally recognised. The audience received their set with open arms-and open ears. They might not have made us blind, but maybe a little deaf…don’t get me wrong, that’s definitely not a bad thing. I’m sure most punk and metal heads would agree that if was a good night if you go home with your ears ringing, me included.

Private Function AKA your new favourite punk band if not already. Hailing from Melbourne and bringing their sticky-carpet-pub-punk x let your hair down and get pushed around in all kinds of bodily fluids and alcohol ambience to crowbar for us all to bask in. Their set list was full of feel good and ‘fuck you!’ anthems like Talking To Myself and No Hat No Play. Talking to some other punters between songs, we agreed they gave us some classic punk Tony Hawk pro skater vibes mixed into their sound.  Everyone was getting around it, getting involved and throwing their limbs around like they were nothing! From crowd surfing themselves, a lime scooter, yarn and police tape into the crowd, it’s safe to say the energy never died down.  A little mechanical and technical difficulties didn’t stop Private Function from putting on a spine breaking set.

If you know anything about Clowns, you know they never do anything plain and simply. Probably the understatement of the year if you said you were “just going to a Clowns gig” in response to your best mate when he asks you what’s going on Friday night. Everyone crowding the stage was ready for a hot and sweaty party.

The amount of energy and sweat that was in the room between 11pm and 12am that night for Clowns was insane. Playing some crowd favourites like Pickle and Euthanise me contrasting with some tunes off their new record like Bland Is The New Black and I Shaved My Legs For You was a blast. Right from when Stevie came roaring onto the stage I thought ‘his stage presence is really like no other.’ Limbs, hair, alcohol and sweat were flying all over the place but for fans there was nowhere else they’d rather be, it was raining intensity and we all couldn’t get enough.   Stevie, Hanny, Jake, Jarrod and Will embody everything you want in a punk band; loud, messy, attitude, fun and electric. This was my third time seeing a Clowns gig and they seem to turn up the notch every single time. You can really see how much effort and heart goes into a Clowns show and this was no different.

Just when you thought the party was over, special guests WAAX rocked up on stage keeping the night alive. Another powerhouse of female driven punk rock special appearance of WAAX got everyone riled up again into the wee hours of the morning. Clowns got back up on stage with WAAX for a few tracks and closed the night with a bang.

Overall the sold-out show at Crowbar was definitely a night to remember. A stellar punk performance from all parties and the special appearance of WAAX was a mega bonus. Always keeping it fun, Clowns had on offer a special tequila and (their own) hot sauce shot available at the bar. I did leave the venue with a bottle of said hot sauce. If you like your skater punk and beer, I’d highly recommend catching Clowns on the rest of their Aussie tour!

‘Nature/Nurture’ is out now HERE and you can see Clowns on the rest of their Aussie leg of tour at these dates and locations

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