THE NICOTEENAGERS Announce Debut Album ‘A Tale For Two’

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The Nicoteenagers made their presence known early in 2019, with the release of their single Big Thing, but as the band anticipates the second half of the year, their ambition returns with more vigour than ever before, with the release of their debut album, ‘A Tale For Two’. From it, we get a taste of a huge menu of sounds, with The Nicoteenagers’ latest single, Black Lips; an exploration of rhythmic melodies and intoxicating rock and roll from one of Melbourne’s best young bands to do it.

Injecting enough swagger to make Queens of the Stone Age proud, The Nicoteenagers shine with ferocity on Black LipsDrew Gardner’s vocals weaving in and out of rollicking guitars with smoke-like effect. “‘Black Lips’; it’s that equilibrium of sweet and heavy that puts a taste in your mouth that leaves you wanting more.” The Nicoteenagers

The dynamic the four piece sustains as a live unit translates strongly into their recorded material. Visceral production meets well-calibrated riff and rhythm work; working with Andy Timewell and mastered by Joe Cara (Courtney Barnett, Skegss), The Nicoteenagers have continued to hone and finesse their sound into a forceful, heavy strain of rock music that is tailor-made to be absorbed in full.

The release of ‘A Tale For Two’ marks a graduation point of sorts for the band. Having established themselves on Melbourne’s live circuit over a solid few years of performing, The Nicoteenagers’ work ethic when it comes to music has only strengthened. ‘A Tale For Two’ is a culmination of a musical sound that has come together through relentless work and change. “It represents the road we took to get here and how far we will go to get to where we want to be.” The Nicoteenagers

‘A Tale For Two’ is marked by heady instrumentation and intoxicating vocals from the onset; the album opener and title track throws down the gauntlet early, with piercing electric guitar and thundering bass and rhythms ensuring the pace of the rest of the record is firmly set. Twisting and turning its way through some slick rock melodies and transitions (Dead Waste, Band of Witches), The Nicoteenagers are flourishing and riding high off grooves throughout ‘A Tale For Two’ – this is an album made to engage the inhibition-losing, fun-having rock fan in us all.

The burning album track I’m So Safe, a key track of ‘A Tale For Two,’ when given the visual treatment, highlights the rock and roll drawl that permeates throughout much of The Nicoteenagers’ material. Doused in red lighting, the narrative sees the band in performance mode; a fish out of water scenario bringing a new fan into the fold.

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As winter approaches, The Nicoteenagers are ensuring that the months following the release of ‘A Tale For Two’ remain heated, with launch shows coming together for Sydney and Adelaide. Prime opportunities to see the band in full flight, The Nicoteenagers are bringing ‘A Tale For Two’ to life very soon – their biggest story yet.

Saturday 6th July Frankie’s Pizza Sydney
Supporting Palace of the King
Free Entry
Saturday 17th August Exeter Hotel Adelaide

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