EP REVIEW: Daybreak – Godfather


Words by Rangi White.

Perth’s prodigies, Daybreak unleash a new level of musical exertion with their new EP ‘Godfather’ released on the 22nd of May. With a tour to boot currently whirling down the east coast, these masterminds of the heavy are set to make a lasting impact on the heavy music scene of Australia if they continue to release content of the same calibre as ‘Godfather.’ Daybreak is Shaun Cox (Vocals), Blake Pearce (Guitar) Sam Warren (Drums) and Liam Webster (Bass) and the unity of their combined talent is a good omen for the heavy music scene of Australia.

First track off the EP ‘Therapy’ starts off with an interesting combination of heavily effected guitar tones and atmospheric post production sound manipulation and resembles the calm before the sonic storm as the heavy groove drops in shortly after. Heartfelt vocals constitute melodic and catchy choruses while their musical ferocity takes over during the verses and Daybreak’s prowess is proven by the imminent compulsion to head-bang that you experience upon hearing the breakdown in the middle of ‘Therapy’

‘Bad boys’ showcases more aggressive rhythms and lyrical content than ‘Therapy’, and throws back to Daybreak’s earlier stuff. Love those pitch harmonics in the intro. The structuring of the vocal phrases around the rhythmic structure of the instrumental is great, creates a call and response effect that segments the song well. Instrumental section in the middle is insane, the rhythmic cohesion they demonstrate bodes some admirable song-writing ability. “What doesn’t kill you doesn’t make you a man” echoes to me from the first verse, and the intensity of the lyrical subject/content suits the aggressiveness of this song well…sounds like there’s been some bad boys out there who’ve raised the ire of these fine gentlemen, or so this hateful tune would suggest.

Third comes the single for this EP dropped May the 3rd, ‘Godfather’ which was in my ears a comprehensive mix of atmosphere and ferocity. I liked the effected drums in the introduction, I’m a sucker for a compressed snare sound. The structuring of the syncopated drum fills throughout the chorus were notably impressive too, all proof of ‘Warren’s’ ability to link together such diverse sounding songs into one fluent tale of heaviness. On top of that, the way that they seem to leap from the angsty melodic sections with clean vocals and guitar into the heavier segments with huge gutturals and driving rhythms so seamlessly is a pleasure to listen to, and the dynamic of this ever-changing song timbre makes for a tumultuous but heartfelt journey for any listener.

I can see (and more accurately hear) Daybreak evolving very quickly into a band that has the potential to fill stadiums. With multiple good support slots for bands such as Parkway Drive and Alpha Wolf I doubt it will be long before these guys are packing out shows to higher and higher capacities. Vocalist Cox has been quoted describing ‘Godfather’ as “..the true genesis of Daybreak” and if that is so, then there are many promising things to come for this young amalgamation of metallic talent. They are currently in cahoots with Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf on a searing dual-release tour, the dates of which are included below and to ye who desires a bone rattling energetic hard-core experience, I suggest to thee; get a fucking ticket!

Daybreak Album Art.jpeg

Saturday 18th May – Amplifier – Perth
Thursday 23rd May – Rad Bar – Wollongong
Friday 24th May – Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney *
Saturday 25th May – Crowbar – Brisbane *
Sunday 26th May – Vinnies Dive Bar – Gold Coast
Wednesday 29th May – Hamilton Station Hotel – Newcastle
Friday 31st May – Enigma Bar – Adelaide *
Saturday 1st June – Stay Gold – Melbourne *

Saturday 13th July – Jack Rabbit Slims – Perth

* Supporting Alpha Wolf “Fault” Tour


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