EP REVIEW: We Burn Bridges – Head Prison

We Burn Bridges EP Art

Words by Ash Wallace.

Representing the Northern Territory, We Burn Bridges, a five piece post hardcore band out of Darwin have dropped their EP ‘Head Prison’ on May 17th. This is following their single releases Self Drought and Silhouette.

We Burn Bridges are a great example of an Aussie music hidden gem, being relatively secluded away in Darwin, NT, the boys are carving their name into the heavy music scene and putting Darwin on the map. We don’t see many metal bands come out of the territory, but over recent years, the Darwin local music scene has been progressing and evolving, giving Northern Territory fans more accessibility to metal music and giving the band more nationwide exposure.

The first track, Self-Drought, is a song about the struggles of addiction and breaking out of that mind set. The songs starts out as a softer and dark sombre piano, eluding to the breakdown and aggression of what was the come. The melodic chorus contrasts the song perfectly and the lyrics of the song are super relatable to a lot of people, a very versatile track.

Coward is an intense riff laden track with heavy but melodic breakdowns.  Both the heavy and the clean vocals on this track tie the song together seamlessly. The track really conveys the emotions and feelings linked with people who can’t accept others for making changes in their lives and tearing them down for bettering themselves. The chorus is super catchy and the guitar riffs really drive the song to make you want to bang your head until your neck goes stiff.

One Punch sheds light on very prevalent issues happening in Australia. Surrounding the drinking culture and violence that can come as a result. This track is super heavy and punchy…pun intended. This one for me is a standout, both for the track altogether and its socio-political awareness. I can really appreciate and respect bands who use their platform to highlight socio, political, environmental and global issues, much like tracks written by Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake to name a few.

One of the singles from the EP, Silhouette gives off very nu-metal inspired vibes which is always something I am drawn to. The drums especially are packing a lot of heat in this one, it’s a track I can see on many people’s angry workout playlists.

Featured on Spotify’s Home grown and Heavy playlist, the final track, wrapping up the album, Head Prison is again, beautifully contrasted of melodic and combative melodies, riffs and lyrics and closes the EP perfectly-abrupt and full of emotion.

Overall, the EP is a solid release. The five tracks all offer something a little different, but combine for an explosive and heavy collection of tunes. We’re all looking forward to see what’s to come in the future for these boys. It’s still early stages for them, but after a release like this, it can only go up from here.

‘Head Prison’ is out NOW on all streaming platforms, click here to stream and download the new EP and give the territory some love!

We Burn Bridges

If you happen to find yourself in the Northern Territory, We Burn Bridges are holding and EP launch on June 9th, at Entrada Nightclub, Palmerston. With supports, Assailant, Kolors and Draftday. Click here to buy tickets.

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