Interview: Andreas Kosian + Josh Sawtell From Hurricanes & Echoes On Their Upcoming EP Launch Tour

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Interview by Tracey Moyle.

Just about to launch their self-titled debut EP thanks to GT Music Promotions, Gold Coast local’s, Hurricanes & Echoes, might be reasonably new to the scene but their passion for creating music that is relevant,  indicates a long journey for this young band.  With influences reaching across genres ranging from Heavy, Classic rock, to Emo and Punk they are creating a constantly evolving sound, that keeps your audio senses captivated.

Tracey Moyle spoke to Andreas and Josh about the band, their music and influences and what we can expect in the near future.

Congratulations on the launch of your debut EP.   You must be pretty excited to tour and get the music out there?  

 Andreas:  “Yeah, we’re really exited about it.  It’s the first time we’ve done something like this so it’s a good starting ground.  Grant’s been great organising it for us and GT Music is doing great for us in a lot of places.”

We don’t know much about Hurricanes and Echoes, can you give us a bit of background, for example how did you guys get together as a band?

Andreas:  “There’re four members in the band and three out of four of us played in a band called Lure before this band. We were in that band for quite a few years but what when it came to taking it more seriously we lost one of the members so we decided to start fresh, get a new name, a new sound and a new member and then Hurricanes kicked off.  That was late 2017 when we kicked off with Hurricanes & Echoes.”

Do you all have different music influences that everyone brings to the band that creates your own authentic sound or do you have a sound you have a common music theme.

Andreas:  “It overlaps in areas but definitely a difference with each member, for example, Lucas (Jones) our lead guitarist has got more of a classic rock/British style to him, then we’ve got Josh our bass player who’s more the American Emo sort of background.  We’ve got metal influences from a couple as well like Deftones from Mitch (Cullen) our drummer.  I’d say my favourite band was Muse, growing up, I guess my vocals can be a bit operatic at times, nothing too extreme. In saying all that, its still early days for us. This first EP we did was still finding our sound our way.  As soon as this tour is over we’re jumping back in the studio again, that’s with Nik Carpenter who has Core Studios.  We’re going to work on our new single and do a good clip for that.  That will be the definition of what our sounds going to be from then.”

So you’ve continued writing and you already have stuff ready for a new EP to come out?

Andreas:  “That is correct.  It’s still going to flow with the band, it’s going to be a lot more refined.  There will be a definite progression.  Some next level stuff.  It will be good.”

I’ve been listening to the EP over the last few days and it does have some great variation to it, from a melancholic sadness in the beginning but the last song Scarecrow has a real punk style?

 Josh:  “That’s a lot more of my influence with my early 2000’s punk. I wanted it a bit faster.”

Do you have one major song writer in the band, Andreas being lead singer is it you, or do you put it all down on the table and have things you all throw in?

 Andreas:  “I do the majority of it at this stage but it is a team effort. I’ll come up with something then send it to the band but the more we get together it’s becoming more of an even writing field which is good. That’s why we’re growing as a band together and that’s why our sounds going to keep getting more refined as we go.”

It’s important to have that input from all of the band members so that all the songs on the album don’t sound the same.

 Andreas:  “Exactly, I would say Lucas our lead guitarist and myself probably share it out pretty well at the moment and then we will just go from there.”

Were you guys strongly influenced by anyone in your family starting in music or was it something you were just drawn in to?

Josh: “No not really, I think we all just love music ourselves. We got into it ourselves and I know myself, no one in my music plays music at all so I got into it more just from the love of listening to music, and I just wanted to play so I just picked up the bass and taught myself and wanted to be in a band.”

Andreas:  “When I was 10 or 12 I was in the school band.  I started playing trumpet and did that til the end of High School.  And then I did a year at Griffith and then jumped into a band with these boys and kept it sane, kept going.”

How did you choose the songs for the EP.  Do you go through a process?

 Andreas:  “There’s always different riff ideas so once we’re in the studio we might go through half a song the scrap it. It’s all about feel for us. If it doesn’t feel right straight away we scrap it . We can’t play something we’re not enjoying.  So that’s how the writing process goes.  If I come up with something and it s not working well then we don’t’ go ahead with it.”

Do you run the songs by anyone you know for feedback?

Andreas:  “To be honest at this stage not really but we want to be very meaningful in what we write so all our songs, never really have that sense of false reality. It’s always got to do with what’s going on around us in life.  So we’re hoping people will be able to relate to our music, in that sort of sense, there’s nothing fake about it.”

Have you got any plans to take the tour interstate or out to the regional areas of Queensland in the future?

Andreas:  “Yeah 100%.  This is just a starting point for us to get use to something like this and also what the plan is once we jump back in the studio again and get this new material down that’s when we’re really going to slug it out.  We want to create a whole package, new song and film clip for it.”

So you’re playing at Tomcat in the Valley on Friday night with Canondrome, Wivenhoe, Odd Socks and Sydney band, The Dead Riders?

 Andreas:  “Even though this going to be the mini tour for EP we are going to be chucking in two new tracks as well, just so we can get a bit of a crowd reaction from it and one of those tracks is going to be the single we’re working on, that we’re going to release after the mini tour.   It will be fun playing those ones.”

I have a fun question for you now for something different.  If you could chose five bands to have at your own personal music festival who would it be?

Josh:  “Straight away I’d put The Used on there as always because they’re my ultimates.”

Andreas:  “I’d have to put Muse on there and probably Nothing But Thieves, I’ve been really digging them lately.”

Josh:  “I’d have to have AFI on there.”

Andreas: “Yeah AFI.”

Josh: “Get an Aussie one on there.”

Andreas: “Butterfly Effect or Karnivool.   Lets go Karnivool.”

That’s excellent, love that line-up. So I guess we will see you for the next Album launch?

We will be putting out a new single after the mini tour and that’s going to be main focus. We’re going to drive that. And then book more shows after that.”

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Hurricanes & Echoes kick off their EP Launch tour Friday May 17 at Tomcat in The Valley with further dates coming up on the Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich.   Get yourself down to catch the band as one of these gigs not only to support the amazing local talent we have coming out of SE Qld but to have a cracker of night out with a brilliant Alt Rock sound.

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You can follow Hurricanes & Echoes on Facebook HERE.

+ listen to the new EP on Spotify HERE.

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