JACINTA LAL Releases New Single ‘Miss’


An anthem for being unapologetic in everything you do, Brisbane’s Jacinta Lal sashays onto the scene with her new single, Miss. Unapologetic hip hop beats meet slick lyricism as Jacinta Lal stands proud as an example of modern-age femininity; a bosslike attitude combined with grace. Her strongest offering yet, Jacinta’s Miss strikes hard against the judgemental and rears its head with sass and confidence.

Treading a provocative line in the same vein as M.I.A., Jacinta Lal teases and jabs with Miss, almost threatening her opposition to step up to the plate and go toe to toe with her. With a rhyming style and flow that goes in, Jacinta proves she isn’t one to mess with.

Recorded at Jacinta’s home in Brisbane, helmed by in-demand London producer Vittorio Franco and gun engineer James Angus (Carmouflage Rose) on mixing/mastering, Miss is slick and dynamic in its execution. “I think at some point you get labelled something usually not true. This track turns those words around and says “thanks for spending time talking about me”. It’s a feel-good track that embraces the thought “I hear nothing negative about me”. Jacinta Lal

While her sound and message is built on a foundation of strength and aggression, Jacinta injects her fun personality into the music too, bringing it to an accessible space for newcomers keen for a red-hot bop. The music video for Miss exists in this space too, taking things back to school, with Jacinta reliving high school dramas that have marred all of us at one point or another. Directed by Que Film Collective filmmaker David Fischer, Jacinta and her posse (noted Brisbane dance collective Pink Matter) used Southbank as their setting for a fun set of visuals to accompany the fiery music.

Finessing her craft since debut release ‘Ambition on Fleek’ back in 2017, Jacinta Lal has become an exciting name out of Brisbane’s hip hop scene. Her unbridled energy on the track is undeniable; Jacinta’s voice is enticing yet rides hard on each beat. Not content with being held back by restrictions or preconceived notions of how she should behave, Jacinta is bringing fire through with her music, beautifully realised with this new single.

“Jacinta definitely has a style that stands out and is one to watch as she progresses in her career.” The Heat Mag

Stay tuned for more opportunities to see Jacinta do her thing live in 2019 – this year belongs to her.

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