EAST DENISTONE Returns With New Single ‘River’


IMG_1784Sydney songwriter East Denistone has made a beautiful return for 2019 with his new single, River. A fitting continuation of the swirling indie sounds he presented on its predecessor Amongst Taller Trees, River takes another step in unveiling an enticing and enigmatic artist emerging out of Australia’s east coast.

Marked by dramatic guitar and piano, River finds itself twisting through rich lyricism and full-bodied instrumentation. In a similar vein to The National and Fleet Foxes, the evocative nature at the heart of River comes direct from East Denistone’s vocal strength.

Buoying a narrative marked by personal struggle and complication, the artist brings light to the dark. “The song itself started off being about the nature of addictive behaviours. …Over time, it evolved into a song about life choices and consequences. It’s not some complicated, deeply introspective lyrical juggernaut, and I don’t think all music has to be. My hope is that the idea of making undesirable decisions that you might regret later on is a relatable predicament for listeners.” East Denistone

Themes of isolation and reflection are brought to life with equal parts warmth and eccentricity in the music video, directed by East Denistone himself. On his own, surrounded by multiple reflections of himself; in both dark and light, East Denistone lets the message of the song take centrestage. “I filmed it at my parents’ house over in Denistone where I lived for most of my life, so if I did have one thing working in my favour it was the fact that I knew the locale better than any other place in the world. It’s a weird house too! Different parts were renovated at different times and there was an extension added to it before I was born so there were few funny little different areas of the house to take advantage of”  East Denistone.

Spurring on the momentum following the successful release of ‘Taller Amongst Trees’, the release of River looks to further engage fans with East Denistone and his story. This next chapter starts with a hometown show in Sydney in May with a slew of special guests.

Thursday 30th May Lazybones Lounge Marrickville
with Locked In Lummo, Spruced Moose, Bowling in Japan
Tickets on the door


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