Gig Review: These Four Walls w/ Flynn Effect, Torizon & Devonian, The Back Room Brisbane 10/05/2019

Words by Tracey Moyle.

We have so much to thank The Back Room at Chardon’s Corner Hotel for when it comes to keeping the local Punk, Metal and Rock scene alive.  The history of this venue is a whole other story but last night the music continued with a convergence of local talent with Gold Coast band These Four Walls headlining a one off show for their Brisbane fans.   Every band performing came with their own rock flavouring, creating a unique, individual sound.  The crowd slowly gathering in this iconic suburban venue were in for a treat for the senses. 

Another wet, windy Saturday night in Brisbane didn’t stop the faithful fans from venturing out for a night of rock in all of its form.   Especially with These Four Walls about to have some downtime from touring to record their first new album in seven years.

Once inside the venue the bands were gathering preparing themselves for their performance and all looking eager to watch the others on the bill. 

With a small but growing crowd Brisbane’s Torizon were first to hit the stage.  No strangers to playing The Back Room, they rocketed the night off with a burst of energy starting their set with their new singles Shine On and Falling showing us what Torizon had to offer.   

Mish, instantly displaying her strong vocals, caught everyone’s attention with her powerful but melodic tones that weren’t lacking in the ability to belt out a heavy number.   Behind this amazing female lead were strong support with Ash and Nick on Guitar, Julio – bass and Adrian on drums.  Together they started off the night with passion and power belting out more great alternative laced rock tracks with Hey You, Immerse, Oceans and Chasing Dreams, finishing off with a burst of energy and Mish’s raw emotive vocals on Stone Cold Silence.     Torizon were the perfect choice to start the night off and definitely a band to watch out for.

Another of Brisbane’s female fronted emerging bands, the melodic power metal driven Devonian, fronted by vocally talented Diletta Luna followed soon after.  With vocal skills ranging from strong vocal harmonies to guttural growls you are instantly mesmerised by Luna’s captivating stage presence. Starting off their set with the almost demonic sounding The Other Half, Luna’s demanding vocals, along with Alan Mahood’s – drums and Craig Myers’ – Bass, belting out a furious rhythm, amped up the night with a strong start.    The set stayed strong with a mass of heavy hitting numbers – Witchcraft, The Muse, Crush and Straight upSimon Gardner – lead guitar and Hayden Roberts – guitar, kept the set fast paced and tight with great riffs showing the growing crowd the power and agility Devonian are capable of.   They finished off a strong performance giving the crowd more of their alt/metal power with Collateral Damage.    The night was only just beginning and already the pace had been set.

Up next, Brisbane born but now Melbourne based, Flynn Effect started off with a beautifully melancholic cover of The Police’s Every Breath You Take, the perfect introduction to Tomina Vincent’s hauntingly powerful vocals.   With everyone captivated they went straight into introducing a new song with The Deepest Blue, a melodically strong track that had everyone mesmerised and wanting more.   The pace slightly picked up with their 2016 release Talk, an almost progressive rock sound with a dance undertone.  Their blend of musical genre’s had it’s own unique sound and easily had the crowd dancing along.   They continued with another great song The Divide, then, with Jesse Higginson on lead guitar, they took on heavier, bluesy undertones with Eastwood Blues.   More of a faster rock driven track with All for Love kept things moving along with Taylor Douglas on drums and Besta Bester on bass keeping the pace moving.  Finishing off their set with another new track Higherand then finally their 2018 atmospheric progressive rock release Colossus, again showcasing Vincent’s emotively captivating vocals.     A fantastic performance from Flynn Effect only confirmed by the crowds whooping applause.

The crowd had grown substantially and after a quick break the headliners were up.   New Zealand born but now Gold Coast locals These Four Walls took to the stage with lead Stephen Gibbs treating the fans to an emotionally driven track BFF, a secret last track on their first album.  Gibbs sung with even more feeling and passion than he is usually renowned for indicating the powerful personal meaning behind the lyrics.  Up next from their 2009 album release ‘Down Falls an Empire’ the opening track One Moment in Time, a fast paced rock track well suited to Gibbs’ melodic rock vocals.   The crowd were lapping it up singing along to every word.  They followed with Saints and Sinners, another crowd pleaser off their 2012 ‘Living to Write the End’ album, hitting the peaks at all the right times.  

Story telling is something TFW do well in their lyrics and The True Sound of Running is one of these tracks, reiterated with Gibbs’ enthusiastic performance.  A more progressive rock sound with Dead Air brought the band together in perfect musical unison with Gray Vickers killing it on lead guitar and Elliot Burton bass and Brad Vickers drums keeping everything tight and creating the perfect backdrop for the strong vocals.   Keeping the same pace with Rain, theyobviously hit a sweet spot, with the fans jumping and singing along, matching the passion of their lead.  Again, a musically strong track, with brilliant lead guitar from Vickers.

With a new album in the pipeline, it was another new track up next with Slow, followed by the popular and brilliantly crafted rock hit Passenger.  Easily one of my favourite TFW songs.  At this point no one was standing still and every person in that room was belting out their own version of this brilliant track.  

Back to their first album with a more mellow rock paced Lay it Out followed.  Mellow didn’t last long though, with the heavier rock anthem Talons up nextVickers belting away on drums was the centre of attention with this one and Burton hammering hard on the bass, not far behind him.   Two songs to go and the crowd looked almost disappointed knowing it was ending.  Another new track (untitled) and ending with, of course, their biggest hit to date, the driving rocker Bravery.   The crowds response shows they obviously adore this band and with good reason. Together they are musically solid, Gibb’s vocals are full of passion and their songs are just friggin’ awesome.  

I spoke to a woman named Janine while waiting early on.  She had flown up from Sydney, just for the night to see These Four Walls.   With a fan base this dedicated it surely can’t be long before these guys get the break they well and truly deserve.   Not one person left disappointed that wet and windy Saturday night at The Back Room.

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