INTERVIEW: Diamond Construct On New Single ‘Night Terrors’ + Upcoming Debut Self-Titled Album

Currently on an east coast tour with Thornhill, the small town boys of Diamond Construct have released new single Night Terrors from their upcoming self-titled debut album with Greyscale Records.

With Kynan on vocals, Braden on guitar, Adam on drums and Alex on Bass, this foursome from Taree NSW are making a big name for themselves in the metal scene, having toured with some pretty big names like Parkway Drive and Polaris and with an upcoming tour supporting Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin.

The album combines the raw emotion and difficult experiences of everyday life, with a heavy and aggressive, yet ambient sound pulling influences from past and modern music. Kynan, vocalist, goes on to say:

“We wanted our debut album to be something that encompasses everything that we are as musicians. Hard hitting and emotional, but putting as much weight in the melodic side”.

GC Live’s Ash Wallace had the pleasure of speaking with Kynan and Braden all about it.

So, the single track, Night Terrors, off the upcoming self-titled album is a really heavy and emotional track…is the themes in this based off your own experiences?

Kynan: “Yeah so that’s based off probably a four month period of experiences, nightmares and sleep paralysis most nights and that really took its toll, sort of what the lyrics are about. There’s a few other things in there but it’s pretty coded.”

When fans listen to this track, what do you hope they take away from it, what do you want them to feel?

Kynan: “So that’s why basically there’s a whole lot of coded shit in there, when they’re listening to that song, they can kinda take whatever they want from it. I guess struggles or pain in life they’re dealing with, whatever spectrum or age they’re at I want them to take whatever they can out of it and just be their own song to get through that.”

What was the writing process for you guys, for the new album coming out?

Braden: “It was fairly standard to a lot of bands, me and Kynan write the songs, we just write them by ourselves I guess in our own little world and its usually the song will come first, and then a guitar part or something like that, then Kynan usually writes the lyrics, cos he- you don’t usually have them written, do you?”

Kynan: “Nah not usually. So, we’ll get demos down on the computer on a DAW which is a recording software and we go back after a few months and edit them along the way and once we add vocals we can chop and change some riffs here and there, usually how a demo will start and then progresses to pre-production and the album quality and then record it ourselves.”

Was there any specific songs or bands that really influenced this album?

Kynan: “Oh, that’s a good one, yeah lots of bands, we grew up with the 90’s bands, Slipknot, Korn, Linkin Park, and then after that Meshuggah and Architects and Northlane. A whole 25-year period we’ve drawn influence from for this album, for ourselves. And obviously we’re guitarists ourselves so its guitar driven songs but we sort of take phrasing from anywhere like rap, hip hop, trap music, so it’s a broad spectrum.”

If you could describe the album in just a few words to someone who’s never heard of your guys before, how would you guys describe it?

Braden: “Ridiculously over the top.”

So, you guys are currently on tour with Thornhill, how is that so far, any standout experiences so far?

Kynan: “It’s been really good! Super fun as always. It’s probably been the best tour for us so far due to the reactions to the new songs and we’re getting tighter as a band, getting used to preforming like it’s our ninth east coast tour now, we sorta started picking up, people singing lyrics back which is something we’re not used to so it’s really cool. And Thornhill kill it every night so we’re stoked to be alongside them.”

What was your big break?

Kynan; “Yeah there was lots of little breaks like we were on a weekender with Polaris that we got thrown on the bone by Ash (Hull) and we sorta had the album already recorded and ready and we played it to a few guys on the tour and they loved it and they said they were gonna push for us to get heard by Ash. Within a week and a half of that tour ended for them, we were in contact through email with Ash and Josh from Greyscale Records, and that was sort of the first big break for us it was pretty insane actually.”

Who’s the number one band you’d love to tour with?

Kynan: “Meshuggah, or I think it’s gotta be Korn, 1998 Korn.”


Braden: “The old Korn.”

What do you guys have planned for the rest of the year?

Kynan: “Well after this tour we have the Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin support so that’s like really big for us, that’ll be another stepping stone and then we have plans to get together and do possibly a headlining tour towards the end of the year if we can get that happening. Other than that, we’re always writing demos and keeping music fresh for ourselves there.”

Just to throw in a fun little question to round things off, if the roles in your band had to be reversed for one show, who would be doing what?

Braden: “Kynan would play guitar, I’d play drums, Adam would play bass and Alex would do the vocals”

Kynan: “Alex would do the keyboards”

How do you think that show would go?

Kynan: “It’d be so cooked, super cooked.”

You can catch Diamond Construct supporting Born of Osiris and Chelsea Grin for their Australian Tour beginning in June.

THURS 20TH JUN – Soundlounge, Gold Coast

SAT 22ND JUN – The Brightside, Brisbane

SUN 23RD JUN – Newcastle Hotel, Newcastle

MON 24TH JUN – Crowbar, Sydney

TUES 25TH JUN – The Basement, Canberra

THURS 27TH JUN – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

FRI 28TH JUN – Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide

SAT 29TH JUN – Amplifier Bar, Perth**

Buy tickets HERE

Diamond Construct’s album is available physically and on all streaming platforms on May 17th.  Click here to pre-order.

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