SUPERHEIST Drop New Album With The Birth of Australia’s Newest Record Label BLACK MOUNTAIN MUSIC

promo-finals-4_orig2019 marks a year of significance for the Australian heavy music scene with nu-metal overlords Superheist releasing a brand new album titled ‘Sidewinder,’ while celebrating the birth of dw Norton’s latest legacy and Australia’s newest heavy music record label – Black Mountain Music. “It really is with an overwhelming sense of pride and achievement that on the 25th year of Superheist’s existence we are releasing ‘Sidewinder,’ which is a record that I was fortunate enough to be heavily involved with writing, producing and mixing, but I also get to launch my record label Black Mountain Music. ‘Sidewinder’ is a reflection of where The Heist are presently and the environment in which we live. It also represents where we are as a song writers, musicians and where I am as a producer. Black Mountain Music is much more than just a mechanism for me to release Superheist material too – It’s a statement of intent about imparting my decades of experience to influence the Australian music industry through an independent record label that acts with integrity and nurtures’ and supports talented bands that we believe in.” – Richie ‘dw’ Norton; Superheist/ Black Mountain Music General Manager.

Building on where ‘Ghosts Of The Social Dead’ left off, Superheist’s newest offering ‘Sidewinder’ dials up all of the faders and sends the listener on an aural frenzy of powerful riff driven tracks that collude between melody, hip hop, and at times highly articulated pop anthems that play on loop in your psyche. Riding the momentum of the first single The Riot and its immediate infiltration into live performances on the successful HeistFest tour with Alaska’s 36 Crazyfists back in April, ‘Sidewinder’ continues to impress new and diehard Superheist fans and is drawing rave reviews from music media across the country. “The timing of Black Mountain Music couldn’t have been better with Superheist dropping such a solid record at a time when Australia is saturated with talented heavy metal bands that we truly think have what it takes. With a strong music distribution platform behind us and our industry network here in Australia being augmented by our partnership with Art Is War Records in the US, Black Mountain Music and Superheist are here to stay” – Chad Ellis; Black Mountain Music Marketing and Artist Liaison.


‘Sidewinder’ is out now via Black Mountain Music and is available to view or purchase on all digital download and streaming platforms here .

Physical copies of ‘Sidewinder’ are available now from the Black Mountain Music webstore, Superheist webstore, MGM webstore, and from all leading music retailers across Australia.

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