THE SILENCIO Release New Song + Clip for ‘Same But Different’


Gold Coast’s own alternative rock sweethearts, The Silencio have recently dropped their new single along with a smoking new clip to go along with it. Same But Different has an important message behind the song; we are all the same but different, meaning we should all be learning to get along with each other in order to strive forward as one and exist peacefully alongside one another, a global existence.

The Silencio began as a solo project for guitarist and singer/songwriter, Jan Nicholas Blom before becoming a full band in 2014. With Kurt Winter on drums and vocals, Dylan Brann on keys, guitar and vocals and Jared Day on bass and vocals completing the band. The Silencio are melodic but but also pack a punch with their sound and their new track Same But Different is a perfect example of what these guys have to offer.

There is nothing like a rock song with a meaning and some serious passion behind it. A poignant message delivered via music, a gentle protest and encouragement from The Silencio to come together and remember, we are in fact, all the same.

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Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer.




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