SULDUSK Set To Release Debut Album


Melbourne one woman atmospheric, blackened Neo-Folk artist Suldusk will release her debut album, ‘Lunar Falls,’ via German label Northern Silence Productions on Friday, April 12.

The album has caused a massive swell of interest within it’s genre both with media support and fans devouring the tracks released so far.

‘Lunar Falls’ is now streaming in full on YouTube authority, Black Metal Promotions.

Pre-orders for ‘Lunar Falls’ are available now on DigiCD, LP and Digital 

Suldusk comes from the imagination of multi instrumentalist and visionary Emily Highfield. Weaving the acoustic tones of dark/neo folk, with elements of atmospheric black and doom metal, Suldusk creates a powerful panoramic of shimmering guitars, affecting melodies, and atmospheric density that is spellbindingly hypnotic in its effect.

Appealing to the Dark Folk, Post Rock and Atmospheric Black Metal communities and beyond, Suldusk captures raw, unhinged emotion and leaves the listener both simultaneously exhilarated and melancholic.

Suldusk soon struck an affinity with online listeners via the melancholic black metal infused acoustic track Drogue which received over 10,000 plays in less than a month! This inspired Emily to create a live incarnation of Suldusk – a chamber metal ensemble, which has been embraced by underground musicians and audiences across Australia over the last two years.

b48c9594-5fbc-4c77-9a81-d5d29d99cb51.jpgWith her desire to create a full length release, Emily enlisted Mark Kelson of the doom metal band The Eternal to produce her debut album. Kelson ran with Highfield’s vision of blending dark and light frequencies anchored in acoustic progressions, otherworldly vocals, and blackgaze flourishes.

Emily says of creating the ‘Lunar Falls’ “I wanted to make an album that I would listen to – an album that fuses the soothing with the raw. Vocally I wanted to hear the maiden, the mother and the crone, and guitars that shimmer and burn.

‘Lunar Falls’ overarching theme is about living on the margins, and the intolerable suffering and sacrifice endured in the quest for identity. Nature provides much of the lyrical inspiration as the source of refuge and guidance throughout this quest.

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