SickBoyz: Germany’s Punk Rock Kings

37888365_1959110070815507_5500863532826099712_oHaven’t heard of SickBoyz? Well you have now! Germany’s hardcore punk rockers are so good it hurts and if you have not yet checked them out, GC Live highly recommends you do! Australian fans are keen to have them visit our shores. Let’s get to know them a little first.

SickBoyz are Mario C on guitar and vocals, Alex K on bass and vocals and Tim Bob Timson on drums. The band formed in 2016 and saw them release their debut EP that same year. 2018 brought the release of their debut album ‘Slightly Damaged’, a blistering 12 track hardcore punk rock album that is available on beautiful white vinyl and is a treasured album in my collection. All tracks are awesome but the opening track Mother Meth and their single, Knifesucker, that they have also released a killer video clip for are the standouts for me.

The guys answered some questions for GC Live recently:

How did Sickboyz first get together as a band?

“We’ve been playing music in different bands for years and often met at the local Punkrock-Bar “Alte Hackerei” in our hometown Karlsruhe, which is also my (Mario) workplace. I guess one night Alex heard me singing a pretty drunk version of a Motörhead song from behind the bar and we decided to meet up with Tim to play some loud music together. One jam session and one finished song later we knew that we’re going to have to found a new band.”

Where did the name SickBoyz come from?

“I wish I could tell you an exciting story about that. The truth is that we were thinking a lot about a good name for the band, but we just couldn’t agree on one of the countless ideas. One day Alex came up with SickBoyz and Tim and me were like ‘Why not? It’s easy, it sounds cool and it somehow describes our personalities pretty accurately. If someone needs a better story, I just tell them were named after the character in Trainspotting.”

Your debut album ‘Slightly Damaged’ was released late last year, it is a kick ass album! Can you tell me some more about it? About the songs? The artwork? 

“First of all – thanks! I would say ‘Slightly Damaged’ is a record for people who are into loud, rough and riffy punkrock music. If you’re looking for experimental sounds and virtuosic 10-minute solos it may be not your thing. Due to our diverse tastes in music you can also hear many other influences like Hardcore, Rock’n’roll and Stoner-Rock on the 12 songs. The lyrics are both very personal and sociocritical so we decided to name the album after the song “Slightly Damaged” which is about mental illness. Enrico from Italy – better known as Onikarius – actually creates most of the artwork for our merchandise and so we asked him to design a cover for our LP. He knows how to realise our ideas perfectly so it’s just easy and comfortable for us to work with him. And we couldn’t be happier with the result!”


Where did your love for music come from? What inspires you to make music?

“Our love for music mostly comes from the environment we grew up in. If your parents, brothers, uncles etc. are fans of music you’re definitely more likely to end up sitting in your room all day and listening to their records. After visiting your first rock shows with friends you never get out of this music thing again. Playing music is a great way to put your inner garbage out. You have so many different feelings both positive and negative your whole life and sometimes the best thing you can do is to strum on your guitar or bass, beat the shit out of your drums and make a song out of it.”

You guys have played a few times with Australia’s hardcore punk rockers, Clowns, what is it like playing with them? 

“Yeah, it’s a great thing for us! We played one of our first shows ever at our home base here in Karlsruhe as support for Clowns. Just one year before we saw them at the same venue supporting Adolescents and were blown away. The bands line-up has changed since then, but it was definitely the right choice to have a second guitar and a kick-ass bass player like Hanny J. Their live shows are incredibly intense and we’re super happy that we had the chance to share the stage with them a couple more times. Besides that, every one of them is a nice and straightforward person which is a rarity nowadays. We surely hope to see them soon over here whether on stage or for a beer! Much love for Clowns!”

What is the punk rock/ heavy rock scene like in Germany?

“It pretty much depends on where you are. In big cities like Berlin or Hamburg there is still very much subculture and a lot of exciting things going on in the underground. The punk rock scene seems to be connected very well all over the country, so you often meet people at shows, who travelled there for hours to see a band. Sadly, especially in smaller cities, there’s a decreasing interest in DIY shows and newcomer bands. Playing in front of 5 people on a Wednesday is not uncommon for bands who haven’t built up a reputation yet. We don’t know how it is in Australia, but only a few years ago it didn’t seem to be like that over here. Maybe people are busy raving out at the nearest EDM party or just getting lazy!”

Do you have plans to come to Australia soon? we would love to have you visit and play here!

“And we would love to play in down-under! This year we’re trying to play as many shows as we can in Germany and Europe in general. At the end of March, we’ll be touring Spain for example and there also shows confirmed in Belgium and the Netherlands. Besides that, we’re staying in touch with our friends and connections in Australia. And in-between all of that we’re already working on new stuff for another record! So, who knows? Maybe all of this will sooner or later let us meet in person. We’d definitely love to!”


We can’t wait to have SickBoyz over here but in the meantime, you can follow them via their social media via the following links:



Bandcamp – Grab your copy ‘Slightly Damaged’ here!



Words & interview by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colourful Writer. 

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