Why we need more live music venues and not less and why is it even necessary to have to write an article about this in the first place?

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Just some of the Mo’s Desert Clubhouse family and fans. Photo by Tracie Tee Live Events.

In the famous words originally sung by Jacki DeShannon “What the world needs now, is love, sweet love…” More love; less hate. More working together and supporting each other; less working against each other or competing with each other.

What the world also needs is music. For some of us love and music are pretty much one and the same. The world is full of creative souls who express themselves through music and I for one am quite sure that without music I would be completely lost in this big world.

Supporting local bands, musicians, local live music venues, music photographers, music journalists, local radio hosts, sound techs, stage managers, stage hands, promoters, event managers, publicists, interviewers, reviewers, venue managers, staff at music venues and festivals and everyone who works hard in the music industry is something I feel very strongly about. The music scene in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast (and in other states too!) is like a big musical family; a family bonded by our love of music. Whilst I am talking about this in the big picture, in particular I want to talk about Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. We need more live music venues, not less. It saddens me that an article such as this even needs to be written in the first place but here we are. Mo’s is currently fighting to keep on going as it is now and GC Live is here to support them in whatever way we can.

Hobo at Mos 3
Hobo Magic at Mo’s

The Gold Coast music scene is starting to boom. The amount of talented bands and musicians based on the Gold Coast is increasing and these bands need local venues to gig at. With bands like Level H, Baltimore Gun Club, Azreal, Smoking Martha, Hammers, The Molotov, Nowhere Else and so many more hitting stages around the Gold Coast, Brisbane and some touring Australia and overseas, these are successful bands and the Gold Coast music scene is blessed to have them. Gold Coast needs more support for our musicians and all those in the music industry.

Level H at Mos.jpg
Level H at Mo’s. Photo by Ummagummamumma – Live Music Photography.

Mo’s Desert Clubhouse is run by dedicated, professional, talented, passionate music loving people who are doing what they do for all the right reasons. Self described as a group of three creative weirdos who needed a space to create and collaborate in. Not only have they created this space for themselves, they have created it for other like minded souls. They provide a central hub for musicians, artists and the like. They regularly host live music events for both local and touring musicians, host book launches, art exhibitions and more. All these creative fields bring so much joy and happiness to so many people, taking away another venue that provides such things is simply heartbreaking for the community.  In light of how kind hearted the team is; Mo’s has already raised over $15,000 in charity in its first six months of operation, this is an outstanding and wonderful contribution in such a short time. Imagine how much more can be raised if Mo’s is to continue? And how much won’t be raised if Mo’s is no more? Just another reason to let Mo’s keep doing what they do.

Mo’s exists peacefully in its location on the Gold Coast; it operates outside of the standard business hours of the industrial area. It does not have a long-term impact on the site or area to function as an industrial use. The nearest residential uses are in excess of 400 meters away, and separated by a four lane state-controlled road. Mo’s are considerate and thoughtful of all those surrounding the venue; with an acoustic assessment that has been prepared to ensure that any live and/or pre-recorded music is acoustically limited and can only occur at specific times. Mo’s are fighting to not only survive, but to be able to create an even better space for the creative folk in the Gold Coast community and for everyone. With plans for more live music, more art shows, more workshops, more fundraisers, an improved stage area, a liquor license, a rebuilt bar area, better bathrooms, and more. Mo’s is run by Christian, Kimberly and Emilia, three of the loveliest, creative souls you’ll ever meet. I asked Christian a few questions about how he feels about Mo’s and about music, his responses just confirmed to me even more why Mo’s need to keep doing what it does so well!

What does Mo’s mean to you?

For me Mo’s is a place of fun and expression, a chance to expand creative horizons through taking part in a number of mediums, from experiencing or performing in a live gig, to doing a creative workshop, to socialising with friends or simply running your own business.

We believe Mo’s is an essential part of the Gold Coast framework and plays an important role pulling together the city’s creative industry moving forward.  The venue itself expresses the kind of people that Kim, Emilia and I are!

What made you want to create a venue like Mo’s?

We all met at Burning Man Festival in America a few years ago and struck up an immediate connection thinking we would try our hand at something creative together when we returned to Australia.

After throwing around a few ideas we decided on trialling a space that could initially simply fit our own businesses.  One thing led to another and we trialled a live performance and a few workshops… the response was great from a broad cross-section of the community and eventually showed us that there was a real need for this type of open and affordable creative space on the Gold Coast.

I can’t say it’s all been easy.  We’ve basically been on hold as a business for 12mths whilst we sort out a council application, pouring all of our own funds and time into the cause.  Fingers crossed!

The local music scene on the Gold Coast is really starting to boom, how much do you love being able to provide a platform for local musicians to perform at?

We love nothing better than seeing musicians hone and demonstrate their craft on our stage!  Ain’t too many better feelings on this earth than witnessing a great live band.

We see ourselves positioned as a ticketed venue for those Gold Coast bands starting to hit their straps and move beyond the free entry pub gig whilst not big enough to pack out the other GC options.  Mo’s is a cool carefree space that everyone seems to love, we’re very stoked to be on the Gold Coast contributing to the cultural framework.

Music is clearly a passion of yours, what does music mean to you?

Music has been a passion of mine from a very young age.  To taping favourite songs off the radio, to picking up my first guitar, to touring the country playing original tunes, to creating a bookings and management company and hopefully a successful live music venue on the GC.  Music is life and I simply don’t know what I’d do without it in my life.


All over Australia live music venues are being shut down for various different reasons. Don’t let this happen to Mo’s too. You can support them by following this simple guide provided by Mo’s.


✔️ VISIT http://www.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/planning-and-building/have-your-say-on-a-development-application-22173.html

✔️ CLICK ‘Have your say (From 28 June 2018)’ – Blue button

✔️ SCROLL AND CLICK ‘MCU/2018/1051’ – Our application number

✔️ SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK ‘Have Your Say’ – Blue button

✔️ CLICK ‘Click here to Object or Support’


*Then in the ‘Grounds for Submission’ text box add why you love Mo’s and why it’s important for the GC cultural community. If you’d like to know more on exact language to use (how we tie into the city plan) look here: CHEAT SHEET FOR COUNCIL LINGO (please use these dot points when submitting as opposed to simply clicking ‘support)

✔️ CLICK ‘NEXT’ – Blue button at bottom

✔️ FILL OUT YOUR DETAILS (preference given to GC residents/businesses but ANYONE can support)


The loss of Mo’s will have an incredibly negative impact on the Gold Coast’s creative community members. It will result in a loss of jobs and a loss of yet another venue that exists only to do good and provide an outlet for musicians and creative people.

Words by: Shannon-Lee Sloane.

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