Get to know the Rock For Rain line up!

It’s getting so close now! Juicy Blue Entertainment proudly presents Rock For Rain; A fundraising gig raising money for our farmers in crisis through Drought Angels. On the line up are 13 rocking bands all of which are incredibly talented and have been carefully selected to make this gig go off like a frog in a sock on a hot summer’s day! Lets’ get to know each band a little…

The Miserichorde:

Chris Arthur is a man of many talents. He’s the bass player for Deadyet? and has played in other bands too. His other creative project is The Miserichorde. Originally a solo project with Arthur on guitar and vocals, The Miserichorde’s dark acoustic sound has been pumped up with the addition of Scott Wade on drums and Byron Fellenburg on lead guitar. These guys are going to rock out hard and will be an amazing opener for a day and night of rock!

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Swamp Gully Howlers:

Swamp Gully Howlers got together in 2012 and were originally known as Bare White Knuckles, with a name change in 2015. Describing themselves as ‘Dirty groovy beer soaked blues rock’ they are a perfect fit for our Rock For Rain line up. Swamp Gully Howlers are Caity Kuhnemann on vocals, James Lavel on guitar, Trevor Poole on harmonica, Calvin Bell on bass, Jayden Kuhnemann on baritone guitar and Mike Harris on drums.

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Concrete Palms:

Hard rocking groovers Concrete Palms are Alex Kosenko on vocals and guitar, Zane Nichol on bass and Rangi White on drums and vocals. The guys only got together in 2017 but they are already known in the scene and have made a name for themselves due to their high energy performances and passion for their music. With a big influence drawn from 60’s and 70’s Rock N Roll bands, Concrete Palms were an easy choice for Rock For Rain.

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Ellis Dewald:

Ellis Dewald are Stoner Rock Blues at its absolute best. With riffs that punch you in your ears and vocals that give you goose bumps, these guys will totally rock you. The guys have just kicked off their ‘In Your Head’ single tour and Rock For Rain is part of that tour, make sure you check them out on the day because they are guaranteed to have you mesmerized from the moment they hit the stage. Your mate Ellis are Billy Boyle on vocals and guitar, Andy Brooka on bass and Scott Fenn on drums.

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TrashQueen are one of the hardest working Rock bands in Brisbane. There is pretty much not a single venue these guys haven’t played at. They gig hard, play hard and party hard and were therefore another perfect addition to the Rock For Rain line up. The boys are releasing their new single ‘Circle Round The Sun’ on the 16th of November, just in time for Rock For Rain! Made up of brothers Sean Jackson on vocals and guitar, Wayne Jackson on drums and lifelong friend Nik Schultz on bass, these guys are super talented and have an energy on stage that reflects their years of friendship and passion for what they do. TrashQueen will rock your world.

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TrashQueen 1


The Roadhouse boys are pure and raw old school Rock N Roll. To quote the chorus from their latest single ‘Long Live Rock And Roll’; “We Want Rock and Roll, We need Rock and Roll, We breathe Rock and Roll, Music it feeds my soul, Damn right…long live Rock and Roll “ is a perfect example of why they made the lineup of hard rocking bands for Rock For Rain. These guys are all about the Rock and they are guaranteed to rock hard on stage as they always do.

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Stoker; one of the youngest bands on the line up but you wouldn’t know it. Close your eyes and listen to them and you’d think you’d been transported back in time to the 60’s or 70’s to watch a legendary Blues or Stoner Rock band. With talent beyond their years and a deep rooted passion, love and respect for music and making music, the Stoker boys absolutely had to be on this line up. If you haven’t caught them live before, now is the time to do it. I can guarantee you will walk away wanting more. Stoker are Joel Zahner on vocals and bass, Ethan Smith on guitar and Jarrah Thornell on drums.

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Stoker 2

Nowhere Else:

With one of the most hard rocking and talented front woman leading the band, Nowhere Else are a hard hitting, Alternative Progcore Rock band from the Gold Coast. Jodie Maloney is a Rock Goddess and with Azreal’s Jimmy Glinster on guitar, Dylan Tigga Boogie Marshall on bass and Benny Willis on drums, they make one amazing team of talented souls who together make some seriously hard rocking music.

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Photo by Desi Lou Photography

For The Wolves:

With their catchy riffs and primal beats, Alternative hard rockers For The Wolves have recently released their new EP and it rocks so hard you can feel it pumping through your veins. With Brad Andrew on vocals and guitar, Alex Thompson on guitar and synths, Liam Thompson on bass and Anthony Molyneux on drums, these guys will be tearing up the stage at Rock For Rain.

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The Iron Eye:

The Iron Eye are a trio of talented musicians that rock so hard it almost hurts. The guys just released their latest single ‘Conscience Cleaner’ in September and if you haven’t heard it, you need to go check it out now. The Iron Eye sit on their own with a sound and talent almost incomparable to anyone else. These guys were a must for this line up.

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The Iron Eye

The Desert Sea:

Sydney based heavy Blues Rockers The Desert Sea are top shelf. The guys have just kicked off their ‘How To Bleed’ single tour and having them on the Rock For Rain line up as part of their tour is an honor. The Desert Sea’s music will have you rocking out but will also leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling; there is something almost homely about these guys. The Desert Sea are long term friends Ashton Tremain on guitar and vocals, Andy West on bass and Justin Leef on drums and backing vocals.

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The Desert Sea


Do Hammers even really need an introduction? If you haven’t heard of Hammers you’ve clearly been living under a massive rock. These guys are out of control good and they were a must have for this rocking line up! Forever delivering live shows that will slap you in the face like a wet fish (pun intended) you simply cannot miss their set at Rock For Rain. Hammers are Leigh ‘Fish’ Dowling on vocals, Rick Trewavas on bass, Lucas Stone on guitar and Ruckus Lucas on drums. As described on their Facebook page ‘Stoner Rock, Metal, Blues with an anecdotal lyric style of Country then spat in your face with the attitude of Punk!’ – a perfect description of these four legends.

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Dirty Brew:

Sitting somewhere between Hard Rock and Metal, Dirty Brew are in your face and are relentless with their hard rocking, hard hitting sound that is a thing of pure beauty to witness live. These guys will blow your head off at Rock For Rain and that is why they are co-headlining with Hammers. Dirty Brew are Brad Jeffery on vocals, Mick Eedy on guitar, Jimmy Roberson on lead guitar, Chris Leggat on bass and Adam Walmsley on drums. Dirty Brew rock hard, play hard and party hard and if you’re curious about the meaning of the band name you can look up the urban dictionary where the name was discovered by the guys to be much dirtier than originally intended. Dirty Brew are a really good time and they are going to be the icing on the rock cake that Rock For Rain is serving up!

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Photo by Brandon Shields Photography.

Rock For Rain is next Saturday the 17th of November at the Jubilee Hotel. This is a really special event, not only do you get amazing live music from 13 hard rocking bands at one of Brisbane’s best live music venues, but all the ticket proceeds go to Drought Angels to help our farmers in crisis. Get your tickets now via Oztix!

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