Drawing from influencers such as The Beach Boys, The Zutons, Amy Winehouse, The Sapphires, Lykki Li and Skeeter Davis, ‘Sara’ is a genre mashup that MORRISN
calls “Psychedelic blues pop”. In her own words, “I am inspired by the past, the
harmonies and the simplicity of the lyrics aswell as the ideas and sound of modern producers like Mark Ronson. I’ve always had a vision of creating something similar to what Amy Winehouse did with Jazz, she sort of, made it cool again. That’s what I
hope to achieve with this EP, I want to revive the Nashville sound and psychedelic
rock with creative production and dope beats. The debut single, ‘Sara’ is about friendship, and about those girls who stick by your side no matter what, because us girls all know that girls can be real b**ches, and how hard it can be to find your one true girlfriend, but when you do, it feels like this song”.

Born in Glen Innes, NSW, Australia in 1987, MORRISN is the creation of songwriter and
producer Amanda McMahon. Amanda moved to San Diego in 2008 deciding to pursue audio engineering and finishing her studies at Full Sail University, Florida in 2017. During this time, she overcame severe personal hardship, using this to push herself forward as an artist. After completing her studies, she threw everything she owned into a landfill (aside from her recording equipment), drove to Los Angeles and lived out of her van until she settled in Venice Beach. Working in cannabis dispensaries in Venice and West Hollywood by day to network with people in the music industry, by night writing and recording her songs to be included in her upcoming EP ‘Helen’, named after her grandmother.

She has collaborated with some of LA’s leading producers such as AWSUMO and
2018 Grammy winner Tristan Boston of Fire Hazard Productions, who co-produced
several of her tracks to be released on the EP. After feeling satisfied with her writing, she flew home to Australia to further pursue musicians and producers to collaborate with
and recorded the EP in her home studio.

“I hope that through my music, I am not only able to revive the old sound, but through
overcoming my hardships I want to show people that no matter what happens in life,
all obstacles can be overcome and you can come out the other side better and stronger
than ever”.

Press Release courtesy of MORRISN Music.


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