The Women of Wallapalooza

Wallapalooza Festival 2018 is proud of the amazing line up they have for you this year. A beautiful, rocking, talented mix of all kinds of bands made up of some of the Gold Coast and Brisbane’s hottest and coolest talent on offer. No matter who you are, if you play music and have a passion for your music, you deserve respect and appreciation for what you do. On this occasion we wanted to take a moment to recognize and appreciate the women of Wallapalooza. So far this year there are 11 bands with rocking women in them and our beautiful Metal DJ Iballa Chantelle representing the Woman Of Walla. Bands include:

Hussy Hicks

Smoking Martha

Purple Zain

The Molotov

Salt and Steele

Being Jane Lane

Nowhere Else

Valhalla Lights

Scarlett Gunner

Future Native

Boho Mofos

And Metal DJ Iballa Chantelle (The Creptter Children)

What a list!

Hussy Hicks are a duo made up of two very talented and powerful women. Julz and Leesa are currently on the road promoting their new album ‘On The Boundaries’ which scored them the award for best album this year at The Gold Coast Music Awards. Hussy Hicks are a beautiful mix of Gypsy Rock, Blues and Folk all woven together with the most beautiful vocal harmonies. They play with passion and create an energy on stage and through their music that you simply must experience.

Smoking Martha are without a doubt one of the best local rock bands around right now. Fronted by one of  the most beautiful and talented female vocalists, Tasha D. Smoking Martha rock hard on stage every single time they play and the combination of a very talented and tight band of musicians with a vocalist that commands the stage with her confidence and energy creates a winning combination.

The Molotov are made up of 2 talented woman and 3 talented guys. ‘A family of musical freaks’ as they are happily known as, their unique blend of Metal/Punk/Prog/Electro & Rap makes them a stand out band that you don’t want to miss. This is a band you need to see live to fully appreciate the magic they create.

Salt And Steel are another dynamic duo of musically talented ladies that are sure to steal your heart with their beautiful harmonies and sweet sounds. Briony and Elle create a beautiful mix of Gypsy/Folk/Rock and Roots music that will have you grooving along and enjoying the vibes and energy they create with their passionate performances.

Being Jane Lane are a Brisbane/Gold Coast all girl Punk Rock band that have taken the local scene by storm since their beginnings in 2013. A 5 piece band made up of Teigan, Lou, Kayla, PB and Kate, their performances are always high energy and their passion and commitment to what they do is clearly displayed through their music. These amazingly talented and creative queens of Punk Rock have supported bands such as Frenzal Rhomb, The Clowns and The Bennies just to name a few. They recently scored themselves the People’s Choice Award at The Gold Coast Music awards and it is easy to see why. Being Jane Lane just announced today that they won the VB Hard Yards competition and will be heading off on tour with WAAX, Tired Lion, Alex Lahey and RAAVE TAPES this October. Congratulations ladies!

Wallapalooza Festival takes place on Saturday the 15th Of September at The Wallaby Hotel. With over 30 of the hottest local bands and free entry, you’d be crazy to miss it! and make sure you make a note to catch all the amazing bands we’ve just mentioned!


Tasha D of Smoking Martha. Photo by Liz Sharpe of UmmaGummaMumma Live Music Photography.
Hussy Hicks
The Molotov
Being Jane Lane

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