REVIEW: Metal Of Honor 200 @ The Back Room 9th of June

 Metal Of Honor 200 blew the top off The Back Room on Saturday night. Celebrating 200 Metal Of Honor shows. Such a huge deal for the local metal music scene and something to be extremely proud of for its creator, Brisbane Metal Scene’s much loved, Mike Mousey Whitburn. MOH has been bringing us local, interstate and international rock and metal shows since 2007.

The gig started at around midday and unfortunately I got there a little late but was there just in time to catch System Trashed cover Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. What a great start to a massive day and night of metal!

Seraphic is a band I have wanted to see live for some time and they did not disappoint. Seraphic are a symphonic metal band from Brisbane fronted by the beautiful Sam Wolstenholme. Sam’s haunting and beautiful vocals mesmerized the whole room and the band played an awesome set. I watched them from start to finish and was in awe of how great these guys are!

Symbolic Weapon hit the stage next. I’ve waited a long time to see them live. I’ve known a couple of the guys since high school and wow, did they impress me! They played an extremely tight set and it is clear watching them perform on stage just how close they are not only as a band but as mates too. With both James and Brent punching out some brutal vocals, these guys are really great at what they do. Opening with my personal favourite Death and Destruction, they played a great set, including an awesome cover of Spit by Sepultra.

Next band to mess up the stage was my favourite local grindcore boys, Awful Noise. These guys never fail to punch your ears with their hard hitting brutal sound. Pete is by far one of my favourite drummers in the local metal scene; watching and hearing him play takes my breath away every time. Front man Lindon is not only an awesome vocalist but he is also a huge part of the local Brisbane metal scene running Ungrateful Dead Fest and always out there supporting the scene and local bands. Much respect and love for these guys as musicians and people. The bands bassist Brady moved interstate earlier this year and whilst he is sadly missed the guys really impressed me as a three piece. Playing an awesome mix of songs, including my favourite from their split EP with Ignite The Massacre, Chelsea Smiles For The Camera.

My favourite Gold Coast band Level H blew me away yet again. Having only seen them for the first time at Odinfest earlier this year, they have quickly became a favourite for me. Jack is such a brilliant frontman, he is a natural performer and I love watching him in his natural habitat, guitar in hand and belting out the vocals for Level H. Chris, Shayden and Cam complete the set of this awesome team of musicians and this is why Level H are so great. They are all super talented and play so well together as a band. They played their EP Blackhearts in its entirety as well as a couple of new tracks and their infamous cover of Amon Amarth’s Guardians Of Asgaard.
Another band I was really excited to see was Deraign. Hailing from the Gold Coast these guys are all really top blokes who are also very talented musicians that a have a love and passion for the local metal music scene. Chalky is not only an awesome drummer but is also one of the local metal family who is always out there helping other bands and doing what he can to help the scene. Beginning the set with my personal favourite, Uncommon Sense and playing a great set, I really enjoyed seeing these guys play.
The band that totally blew me away was Terror Parade. So much wow! The stage was lit up in the brightest green lights with smoke billowing around the stage, vocalist Kylie looked amazing and stood behind a giant white cross. All four band members are not only great musicians but they all looked amazing too. This was a set not only for the ears but for the eyes as well. Chatting to them afterwards I discovered a couple of them have only recently joined the band. Watching them perform I honestly would not have guessed they had not played together for long, I was really impressed by this band!

One of my favourite performances of the night was without a doubt Brisbane metal gods, Wartooth. From the minute they hit the stage the pit went wild, with people climbing inside the ceiling and hanging from the roof, people doing shoeys, a circle pit, it was all happening! The energy these guys create on stage was clearly reflected by the local metal fans. Wartooth are all about the heavy riffs, long hair and good times. These guys are all just gorgeous and super talented too. Honestly one of my favourite local bands to see live right now.
Metal Of Honor 200 was so much fun. Gigs at The Back Room are always a good time, mostly due to the people who work so hard to make it that way. Big shout out to Stevo, the guy who creates the magic with the sound and lighting for the venue, sadly this was his last night there and he will be sadly missed by the bands, staff and the entire local music scene that frequents The Back Room. Huge respect, love and thanks to Mousey for giving us Metal Of Honor and for all his hard work, time and dedication to the local metal music scene.
Both Brisbane and Gold Coast have a pretty amazing metal scene. It is honestly a lot like a big metal family. Gigs like this are a perfect display of the way music can bring so many like mind people together in one place for good times, good tunes and good fun.

Metal Of Honor:
Photos by Brandon Shields Photography:
MOH 200 – Celebrating 200 Metal Of Honor Shows

System Trashed
Regular Gonzalez
Symbolic Weapon
Awful Noise
The Unprettier
Level H
Dirty Brew
Lethal Vendetta
Beast Machine
Terror Parade


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