Roar For Tyler – Friday 3rd of November 2017


Kodiak Empire

Chief Weapons



Former Angels

Venue: Chardon’s Corner Hotel, The Back Room Brisbane.

On the 3rd of November I was honored to be at one of my favourite live music venues, The Back Room, to review ‘Roar For Tyler’ a gig organized by Scotty from Brimstone to raise money for a good friend of Scott’s, Deano; and his family who’s little boy Tyler has leukemia. There were two ‘Roar For Tyler’ events, the other was held at SolBar on the Sunshine Coast .

The night kicked off with Kodiak Empire who I was fortunate to see earlier this year when they supported Cog at Eaton’s Hill Hotel. Kodiak Empire have quite a mix of sounds and vibes going on, kind of a melodic, metal, mellow yet hard hitting sound with vocals that echo through your mind. They treated us to a new track, Marcell, announcing it was the first time they played it live. The guys played a great set and being probably the mellowest of the bands on the line up, a great way to start the night.

Next up was Chief Weapons, who happened to be the other support band at Cog earlier this year, this experimental/instrumental duo are very unique and incredibly talented. With drums and guitar and then all the loops and effect layers that are created live on the stage, they are quite mesmerizing. Their passion for what they do shines through in all of their performances. Dedicating their song ‘Gantry’ to Tyler was a lovely touch. Watching these guys live is kind of like watching a musical magic show.

One of my most favourite local bands was up next. Deadyet? always command the stage with their presence and hard hitting sounds. With one of the most energetic front men I’ve seen and a bass player who plays like he was born to rock, these guys really go hard. One of the things I look out for with local live bands is that not only do they sound amazing, but they look like they are meant to be on the stage. With their mix of punk, metal and rock, these guys tick all the boxes for me. Not to mention when the lead singer announced something along the lines of “Everyone should take their pants off!” and proceeded to remove his, performing the last couple of tracks in his jocks. As great as that moment was, the highlight of my night was when a couple of the members from Brimstone got up to join Deadyet? for their last song which was a cover of Thin Lizzy’s Cold Sweat.

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Up next was Brimstone. I had not heard much of them before this gig but man did they blow me away! These guys are all about the heavy riffs and are just pure heavy, hard rock. Every member has an amazing talent for what they do and watching these guys rock out hard was so great. At one stage they announced they were classed as ‘Beer Metal’ followed by saying “We just created a new genre, BEERMETAL!” These guys are a hell of a good time and I can’t wait to catch them again.

Last act for the night was Former Angels. Good old school hard rock and roll with a front man who owned the stage, his energy and interaction with his bands mates made their set quite intense to watch. A hard hitting set ended the night on a high. Five awesome bands. One night. All money raised going to a good cause makes for one rad night.


Big shout out to the bands who donated raffle ticket prizes for The Back Room gig; Like Thieves, The Butterfly Effect and Caligula’s Horse and Neil from Elite Tattoo who donated some great prizes for the SolBar show.

Over the two shows, Roar For Tyler managed to raise just under $4000 to aid with medical bills, living expenses, etc. In my opinion a gig like this is a great way to raise funds and a great way for a venue, bands and local live music lovers to band together and do something awesome for someone in need.

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