Luke Houselander’s “Ready To Go Home” EP Launch

Luke Houselander has been an artist honing his craft on the Gold Coast for the past 3 years. After one acoustic EP and one Live EP he is ready to release a collection of songs that have stood out amongst the rest. The new EP “Ready To Go Home” goes far more personal than any other release and has been described as an artist finally coming into “their own”. The blues are the mood of the album whilst rock, folk and even Spanish flavour paint the picture of a young man who has come out the other side and is a force to be reckoned with. Priding himself on going against the grain this collection of songs are only the beginning.

At a ripe young age Luke Houselander found himself walking towards the crossroads. Once he arrived a mysterious figure gave him a guitar, tuned it for him and sent him on his way. Since then music has become his religion with his words and music preaching his story and views on the world. Throughout his short career, Luke has developed as a solo artist and gained extensive experience playing in duos with some of Queensland’s best independent musicians. For this reason, Luke’s unique, gritty acoustic / stompbox style showcases heartfelt, catchy originals and he demonstrates an ability to entertain and captivate a diverse range of audiences.

Luke Houselander will be launching his EP at Currumbin Pub on Friday 30th June with Johan Danno & The Love, Joshy Dredz & The Shredders, and Daneel.

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