Someone Call The Zoo: The WLVS Have Been Let Loose!

Local rogues The WLVS are set to play the Zoo this Friday on June 2nd, bringing their Indie Rock experience to Brisbane. Drawing on influences from City and Colour and Jeff Buckley they promise to bring a hypnotising blend of moody soundtracks with a brooding introspective performance. Nostalgic for 90’s soft rock The WLVS bring their own contemporary twist, playing on what came before them with a uniquely local attitude.

Having formed in 2015 The WLVS have been steadily building up their following and online presences. Word on the street is that they’re planning something big soon with a new release on the way. We sat down with the band and asked them a few questions in the lead up to their show:

Catherine: So you guys are fairly new on the scene, where did the name WLVS come from?

The WLVS: The idea for the name actually came about from one of the songs we performed at our first show. Our keys player Josh had a song called ‘Running With Wolves’ and we needed a group name for the performance so the concept became stylized into The WLVS because we liked the way it looked visually.

Catherine: You guys have been together since 2016 now, and over that time your songs have changed and grown. So who or what inspires your song writing as a band?

The WLVS: Since we’ve been working together as a band we’ve all contributed to the songwriting process in our own way. A lot of the time one of us will bring the foundation for an idea that’s like a main hook or a progression then we’ll jam over it as a band throwing ideas around and just kind of see what sticks. For this current project our sound has been a lovechild between 90’s rock with some post-hardcore influences and in terms of inspiration I think all of our songs just draw from the experiences we have together and the ones we’ve been through as individuals in the time that we’ve known each other.

Catherine: I hear there is an upcoming tour in the works, can you tell us a bit about what lies ahead this year for The WLVS?

The WLVS: This year has already been and is going to keep being a huge year for us as we’ve been working so hard on things behind the scenes and we definitely want to put them out into the world this year. The main one of course being our debut EP that we’re right in the middle of recording, and we’re very keen on taking that record on the road with us after it’s out.

Catherine: Can you tell us something funny or interesting about the people in your band?

The WLVS: Our sense of humour is a little strange to be honest. I think the great thing about doing something that you love with your friends is that you get to have all these great experiences and memories together outside of just making music. So we’ve come to a point where we have a lot of nonsense inside jokes that probably come across as gibberish to everyone else.

Catherine: And what is your opinion of the local music scene at the moment? Where do you think we can improve in the industry?

The WLVS: I think the local music scene, particularly in Brisbane is really thriving at the moment despite what popular belief has been over the last few years. It feels good to be part of a culture where local artists are genuinely supporting and lifting each other up. And in terms of improving the industry I think it just comes down to the simple stuff like going to shows and making the effort to play live as much as possible if your in a band that’s trying to break out of your area.

Catherine: Who are the top 5 Aussie acts you’re currently listening to?

James: Matt Corby

Izzy: Hiatus Kayote

Baz: Columbus

Nathan: Art of Sleeping

Josh: Jarryd James

Catherine: Now you’re show at the Zoo on June 2nd is set to be a fantastic night, can you tell us a bit about what you’ve got planned and who else is on the bill?

The WLVS: We’re actually really excited for this show, as we’ve always wanted to play at The Zoo. We’ll also be playing the material from our upcoming EP on the night so if it’ll be a good chance to get a sneak peek at what we’ve been working on. They’ll be some great local talent all night too including Pleasure Seeker and Guava Lava all for just five bucks.

You can catch WLVS at the Zoo June 2nd in Brisbane.

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