Level H

Level H is a heavy metal band hailing from our very own Gold Coast.


The project dates back as early as the year 2012, when Jack Duncanson and Chris Goodman started to jam together, sharing their love for bands such as Metallica or Black Sabbath. They have been playing and writing ever since, even though they went on a brief hiatus in 2015.

This year, their resumed their song writing partnership and brought the Level H project to life, with the help of another pair of talented musicians: bass player Eric BloodAxe, as well as lead guitarist extraordinaire Cameron Josephson.

Together, the foursome set out to release new material in the spring of 2017, kick-starting their journey with their debut single, “Hysteria”. The song is a great showcase of the band’s diverse musical influences, while revealing a unique personality and a driven approach to heavy music.

The band is currently planning to work on their first EP, producing the release independently. Their work is not solely influenced by heavy rock and metal music, but also other media, such as film works. In particular, Jack Duncanson often considers The Lord of the Rings saga as a very strong influence on his creative output and his motivation to keep playing and creating songs.

The band is keen to work hard on spreading the word about their music, and they plan on performing live as much as possible, in addition to using the web to reach out to new listeners from all over the world.





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This review was written for GC LIVE by Grant.R.D

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