Music on the GC: artists and venues re-establishing great music.


When you hear someone say the Gold Coast most people’s immediate thoughts are of beaches and sunshine. But if you look beyond the waves and under the layers of tanning tourists you’ll find a buzzing live music scene boasting some of the country’s greatest new talents. When I moved to the Gold Coast several years ago I never expected to find such a rich music community.


With artist Amy Shark recently signing to Sony Music and multi-award winner Ella Fence, both from the Gold Coast, its clear to see that our local talent is catching the attention of industry professionals and the community. Other local acts making a name for themselves on the bigger national stage include Lastlings and the Hanlon Brothers. In addition to these more well-known artists are the masses of bands playing at your local venues, studying at local universities, working day and night to pursue their dreams of making it in this industry.

But you can’t have great artists without live music venues.
The Gold Coast is slowly becoming home to some fantastic live music venues. NightQuarter is quickly becoming a hot spot for artists on their national tours, with The Living End and The Waifs performing in the coming weeks. More often than not NightQuarter showcase local artists as opening acts for these bigger touring artists. Another great supporter of live music has been Miami Marketta, who has showcased many local, national and international artists since its inception.

With so many bands and artists here on the coast it was no surprise that the Gold Coast Music Awards were created, now in its second year it has been moved to Surfer Paradise with headline act The Veronica’s performing. It’s great to see our local champions of music being recognised in front of the community, showing the depth of talent, dedication and hard work of Gold Coast musicians and the associated creative industries.


In my opinion live music here on the Gold Coast continues to grow and change all the time. With the uncertainty of venues closing and others opening it is certainly no walk in the park, but a career in music never is easy and straight forward. Although we don’t have the same live music culture as music havens like Sydney and Melbourne I think we’re on our way, slowly but surely. Over the last few years I’ve seen so many local acts make it, seen venues become successful must visit destinations, and see those who deserve it receive recognition for their hard work. It’s a matter of your determination, hard work and the willingness to see how far you will go. I’ve heard people say that music here is dead, but if you really look at the caliber of music coming from the Gold Coast over the years I think you might just change your mind.

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